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So, I'm hoping this is a good forum to ask my questions regarding prostate orgasms. Some quick background facts. 26 year old male mostly gay guy enjoying anal play, which I'm quite good at. Capable of getting screwed by large penises and using big toys for some deep anal playing. Tried my hand at fisting, however I'm still a beginner in this area so it's still very hard to accomplish I find.

Right, so. I mostly got a few questions about what the hell is happening to my body. Granted I am looking for the incredible prostate orgasm. During my quest for this, and just in general during a lot of solo anal play, I have found myself experiencing various types of scenarious that I have no clue about. Mainly, how my body is reacting and what is actually happening.

Scenario 1. During some deep anal play with toys, most of the time anal beads, that slip past the first area in my rectum into the next and back again. When I sometimes pull stuff back into the first area of the recum or my dildo continously slips between when f*****g I get contractions. Contractions that lead me to what I think is urination. Is the contractions of my rectum making me urinate? The sensation is enjoyable, but it's definitely not as good as a normal orgasm like when jacking off. The whole thing is making my rectum and stomach contract and tense up, and I shoot a stream of pee. Or so I believe. Is this what's happening?

Scenario 2. Sometimes when I use dildos and specifically f**k myself over my prostate I can shoot small streams of what I believe is precum. The sensation is not anything special in itself. My prostate is definitely enlarged or swollen from stimulation, and there is a sensation of needing to pee on occasion. It's definitely not urine, it's completely transparent, doesn't smell nor taste like urine. Is it possible to sort of "milk" precum? It's defintely not semen either, for that matter. Is it possible for this to happen without having an prostate orgasm? Most of the times when this has happened I haven't had an erection if that matters.

What is a prostate orgasm supposed to feel like? I know what a prostate assisted normal jack off orgasm feels like. Isn't it supposed to be better than that? Like, epicly better? I've read stories about people shaking and having several in rows making them feel more alive than ever, etc.

Am I doing something wrong? Maybe not relaxing or giving into it properly?

I'm grateful for any serious replies! Also, I apologise for grammar errors or bad vocabulary. Not a native speaker, but I have tried my best. Please ask if something is unclear.

/Guy very confused about his body.


You can definitely experience ejaculation, the release of sperm and other seminal fluids, through prostate stimulation or massage. That's what is happening to you, from the sounds of it. Here's a fun fact for you — cows are often artificially inseminated, and the farmers get the sperm samples by stimulating the bull's prostate in something called eletroejaculation. In other words, prostate stimulation can definitely cause ejaculation. Prostate massage is basically the same thing, except for fun. 

Some guys enjoy prostate stimulation more than others. If you prefer anal stimulation without prostate massage, that's fine. If you like it but it's not epic, that's also fine and it doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. 



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