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I'm 15 and 1/2 and I'm worried about when I will finish puberty, I have pubic hair but only up to a certain point on my groin (not all that high), I have virtually no arm pit hair, I have no facial hair, my balls have dropped, my penis has grown a bit but definitely not fully, when I orgasm clear runny liquid comes out, my voice hasn't cracked. What's happening?


Hi Juju,

You are developing normally.  Not all 15/16 year olds have armpit hair.  Not all guys have a lot of pubic hair.  We all develop differently, some guys are just more hairier than others.  Your penis can continue to grow into your early 20's.  Your voice may just slowly deepen as you get older.  The clear runny liquid is semen.

It does sound, from your description of your ejaculate, that you are EARLY in developing, a "late bloomer" perhaps.  Normally, semen starts out clear and then as you get older it becomes thicker and more whitish. 

That's OK.  We all develop at different rates/times.

Everything sounds normal Juju.  Hope it helps.