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Almost three weeks ago i was involved in work related activity that required lifting tools of weight near 25-50 lbs for short periods of minute or two...that activity lasted for 2 hours....there was one incident where i almost fell down when my foot got stuck in a wire and i was lifting weight..there was a small feeling of pain but that gotway....after that i worked and didnt feel any pain...but when i woke up next morning my back was hurting like hell, most of it was lower back....i couldn't stnd up...when i stood after efforts, the pain forced me to keep mu back in concave shape...after this there was no physical work for 11-12 days and i got better to a length that i could stand up and sit down with a bit ease....

since its my job responsibility, I got to lift those things again after those 11-12 days...and the next day after waking up i got this pain again associated with pain across left hip and numbness in left leg.....went to GP, but there was little or no improvement..then came a neurosurg..he told me it sciatica..gave medicines and was told for MRI...No heres the report...the doc is away for a foreign would be very nice if someone can interpret it for me

CLINICAL DETAIL: Low back pain with left sciatica.

Multiplanar and multisequential imaging of the lumbar spine done.

OBSERVATION:Vertebrae are normal in height and alignment. Normal marrow signal in the vertebralbody and posterior elements.

There is straightening of the lumbar spine, which may be due to muscle spasm. (sometimes i feel pain in middle of back..can it be the muscle spasm)

L5-S1 disc: Has loss of T2 signal, dehydration and there is diffuse disc bulge with asmall posterocentral protrusion, which is indenting the thecal sac and there isnarrowing of the left neural foramina in its inferior aspect. There is also indentation onthe bilateral pre-exiting nerve roots.

No spinal canal narrowing or stenosis.

Conus has normal caliber and signal.

Cauda equina nerve roots inthecal sac are normal.

Posterior paraspinal muscles reveal normal signal intensity.


Discal degenerative changes at L5-S1 indenting the thecal sac and bilateral pre-exitingnerve roots. No disc herniation or bulge elsewhere. Rest of the lumbar disc reveal normalT2 signal.


Guys anyone...from yesterday i have also started feeling pain/numbness/throbbing kind of feeling in left leg



Your mri is saying that L5 S1 disc is bulged and starting to herniate pushing on your nerves. A bulgeing disc can shrink back up and get off the nerves, however the herniated will only worsen over time. All in all right now your back is in good shape. My mri results on lower lumbar is 2 pages long.


hey sickofpain...sorry for your lower lumbar problems....i don't know whats in those two pages but i feel for your pain when i cant handle a single protrusion..


well the thing is that my pain has now transferred from my back to leg...i have this continuous needles pinching and cramps type of feeling in my leg...i think the more i walk the more it worsens..lets see where it leads, been to PT but with little help...


MY MRI images are



Why is it that my blood pressure has increased...Is it due to the medicines I am using i.e. eperisone hydrochloride, arcoxia 90 mg and geapentin 400 mg.. I checked it todays and its 150/100 and previously around two weeks ago it was 144/88..