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IS LIFE NORMAL AFTER Hemorrhoid Surgery


I had hemorroid surgery two weeks ago. I am a 35 year old female. I had two large internal, one external hemorrhoid and one cyst removed.

It is a serious surgery that I was not really prepared for. Some things helped me though and I thought I would post them with the hopes of helping anyone I can.

I have bumps still that the doctor says should go away after four weeks or so.

* Use a step stool to put your feet on during all BM. This helped me a lot. A doctor told me that toliets are not at the proper angle for BM, and especially being a short person, this really helped me more than any one thing. I could then lift using my hands and arms to get just the right angle to have a BM without passing out.

* I only used one of the pain pills as I know they cause constipation. I didn't want that. So I would really calm down by breathing in my nose and out my mouth to not be so anxious about the BM.

* Use bag balm and vitamin E on the area many times a day especailly before a BM to lube the area. I found using the finger cuff covers rather than a full glove worked best for me. That way it is less in the trash and can carry in my purse easier.

* I bought the individual wrapped hot dogs and froze them. After all BM's I would ice the area with one for about 10 minutes or so then get into a warm bath and soak. Sounds funny but they are the perfect size and hot dogs go with buns anyways. HA! This was a life saver.

* Lots of fiber in your diet. Not eating will only constipate you more. I have lived on beans, high fiber wheat tortillas, high fiber cereal, fruit (smoothies) and vegetables. I would take mineral oil nightly with my fruit smoothie and then the stool softner every morning with breakfast. Two weeks in and I am off all that and moving fine on my own for two days now.

* Tons of water. I didn't get enough one day and the next day was OUCH!