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Hello everybody.

Well, I'm sad to see that I'm on this website. I never, ever thought I would be asking questions about hemorrhoids.

My story is probably much like what I've been reading on here. Last week, on Monday- I was out running, on Wednesday I went to the doc because I thought the hemorrhoid I was seeing was very large and as luck may have it, it was.... my doc scheduled me for a quick hemorrhoidectomy.

I'm an active 33 year old mommy of 3, that are under the age of 5. I laid in bed this thursday ringing in my 33rd b-day, when I was suppose to be on vacation with a girlfriend in San francisco. Let me tell you- this is not what I had in mind for vacation.

Mostly, I'm just confused because I lead a healthy lifestyle. High fiber, a good amount of veggies and fruit, plenty of water and I exercise a lot. I had hemorrhoids (just slightly) with my last baby....they never went away really, but never bothered me. They stuck out just the tiniest amount....and I guess I just never thought I would ever have to have this surgery. It's been 1 week and 1 day since my surgery and I feel okay besides when I have to have a bm. I do my hot showers (leaning over with my bum in the air) or hot bath to ease the discomfort afterwards. It does the trick usually, and I'm also taking ibuprofen as much as I can in a day.

I popped a stick and had addtl trauma to the area because of my first bm. I pushed so hard, I thought my eyes were going to pop out. After that bm, I thought everything would get better. I guess I feel better, but the bm's are not getting any easier and the pain is still the same from last week.

Some questions:
1. How long should I expect my bm's to hurt for?
2. I am still having a hard time with my stomach. I have a lot of gas and it just generally feels pretty crappy....just can't get it to settle down. I have diarrhea atleast 2-3 times a day. Sometimes I have a nice, soft bm, but mostly my stomach is just struggling. I take miralax with water....and 2 tablets of a stool softner and that's it for the day. Today, I have cut the miralax and softner, to see if that was the problem.
I eat pretty good, trying to stay away from fast-food and I don't drink diet anything....maybe a sprite once in awhile. Lots of water, though I should drink more. Did anybody else have their stomachs just feel like c**p for this long? I can't figure it out....
3. What is everybody's opinion on when I should rebook my vacation? Because of the medical condition, I get my $150 back, so I was thinking 4-5 weeks, but maybe I should think like 6-8 weeks? Wondering what ya'll think?


I am 3 weeks out...

1. My BM still hurt coming out but I dont need pain meds to get through it. Very uncomfortable for a few minutes, some stinging feeling . After I still feel like something is stuffed up there but no pain.

2. I have lots of gas too. I stopped the softener because i was constantly in the bathroom. I took ONE antidiarreal medication to slow things down and it worked. My stomach seems to be bloated somewhat. I really dont like water so I try my

3. You seem to be doing pretty good, slowing down on the pain meds. Once you get off them (try advil instead) you can start feeling yourself again. I am planning a few day vacation with the kids at week 7. I can probably do it now but I get tired quickly and want to make sure my BM is until control. Book the trip again so you have something to look forward to and a goal to get better. I think your timeframe is very doable. You need the 4 weeks I think to get back to your old self. I just went back to work this week. I stand a lot. I did it but today I am resting the whole day to catch up.

Good luck!


Thanks for responding, I appreciate your response.

I forgot to mention that I went off the pain meds a few days ago, I just take ibuprof for anti-inflammatory. What's the difference between advil and ibuprofen? aren't they both NSAID's?

Yeah, I have that stinging feeling.... it's just so horrible for a few minutes, until I can get into the hot shower and then get the lidocane on afterwards. I stopped the miralax today and stool softener, and after eating lunch I finally feel okay.

I guess if in 3 weeks if I'm still having pain with bm, I won't schedule my trip for 4-5 weeks out, I'll just do it sometime in the next 8 weeks. I too get very drained having bm's and then shower, bm, then take a shower, then diarrhea..... it's awful. Completely zaps all my energy.

My husband has been great, coming home early if I need him.... and the kids went to their aunt and uncles for the weekend, so it was nice to just lay around and take a nap if I need to.

Just curious if anybody on here has gone back to their doc and had further surgery? I am pretty sure I have internal hemorrhoids, and I want to do the hemorrhoidlysis after I recover fully from finally get rid of my internal hemi's, so I never have to do this again. Anybody gone back or thinking of going back to check internally?


Wow, no other replies????

Ocean... you out there? Anybody?

Just curious if anybody has gone back after external hemi was taken off and had them look internally?

I still am just stumped as to why all of a sudden they came out? Maybe it's just because I had them internally when preggo with my son (last child) and they never went away and were bound to come out? I just really don't want this to happen again. Has anybody had an external hemi and then a year or so later had more come out?

My bm's are getting better each day...not so painful afterwards, what a difference a week and a few days have made.

What about exercise? When did people resume exercise? I started running just a few weeks before this happened and was very active even before that. I went for a walk today to the park with kids....playing and walking back kind of made me tired. When can I generally expect to get back to normal? 4 weeks after???? Did people on here wait 4 weeks or did you start doing small things like walking before that?

Anyway- as much as I can't believe I'm on this site, I'm so thankful for all the stories. Thank you all so much for sharing so much....your honestly has been wonderful. Thanks!


I am only 3.5 weeks out dr said 95% change of not getting another one. My surgeon checked inside during surgery and took 2 internals out with the external one so I dont think I have anymore that is inflamed.

Pregnancy is a big cause of them. The pressure for months keep them inflamed.

I get tired after a day of work so that is my exercise for now. Do what your body allows. I just went back to work at 3 weeks but started to walk around the house after a week but did very little until 3 week mark.

Advil is just the brand name ..i use the generic ibuprofen ..cheaper..big I take 400-600 at a time. I know other people on here took higher amounts.


ocean, thanks so much for responding, you're awesome.

my two bm's today did hurt while coming out (sorry for the graphic)...but instead of the intense pain and spasming/stinging afterwards, I was fine. It felt like my bum was being stretched while it came out....not a lot of bleeding and my bm's were good size too. I'm just so thankful for no spasming/stinging for half an hour afterwards.

I will keep up with my generic ibuprofen for right now.

Oh, I pulled my stitches out. Is that a big deal. I have felt a string or something back there, but just left it alone. yesterday after a bm, I was cleaning and doing my regular thing afterwards, went to put on my lidocane and it was hanging there. I just thought it was something else (don't want to be too graphic)....anyway, I just pulled slightly and it came out. I hope that's okay. ??????


Wait, when you say that you take 400-600 at a time, do you mean mg or g or what do you mean? I am pretty sure that you don't mean pills at a time, right?