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On January 8th I delivered a beautiful baby. On January 10th, I had a hemorrhoidectomy for both internal and external hemorrhoids. My doctor decscribed them as "the grapes of wrath;" the two were grade 4, and quite large. He told me they were the worst he had ever seen. He left the wound open to heal. 


This has been a *long* journey including unimaginable pain for several months with BM's, and severe pain all the time. This has truly been one of the worst times of my life.


Currently, it has been nearly 3 months since my operation. I eat a high fiber diet, drink plenty of water, take up to 2 stool softeners daily, take baths up to 3 times daily, and take a swallow of Milk of Magnesium nightly. I have a BM every other morning at this point. I do have some concerns:


1. I still have constant discomfort and pain when sitting down. 

2. I started showing drainage (yellow/white) about a month ago and it hasn't stopped. The amount is small, but enough to inhibit my regular lifestyle (the constant "wet" feeling is so uncomfortable). 

3. I still have sporatic rectal bleeding. Typically there is only a trickle every few days or so, but I'm still concerned.

4. I have bright red blood with every BM. There is pain and burning with every BM, but it is *slowly* subsiding. (I take a warm bath after every BM.)


My Surgeon has expressed that based upon the severity of my case (large hemorrhoids in additional to just having given birth), these symptoms are normal and part of the healing process. I asked about the possibility of having an anal fissure, and he informed me he did not see one. 


After 3 months, are these symptoms normal?


I sincerely appreciate feedback. 


I had surgery 4 days before you and am completely healed. I seemed to turn the corner at the beginning of week 4 and haven't had any bleeding, soreness or any seeping since then. I also had Stage 4 hemorrhoids but my surgeon stitched most of my wounds closed. He left a small part open at the bottom of each incision to drain so that might be why I healed up faster than you although my surgeon did say I healed really well when I saw him at 7 weeks post-op. He had told me that it would be 6 to 8 weeks to be healed but it can take up to 6 months for everything to go back to normal.

As to BM, I am keeping mine soft by taking one stool softener, 4 teaspoons of Benefiber and one dose of Miralax daily. That seems to be the key for me since I have battled constipation my whole life. I also try to get as much fiber as possible through food and drink a minimum of 6 glasses of water daily. I know I should get 8 but often don't get there.

I really feel for you that you are still having issues this far out. Maybe having a hemorrhoidectomy so soon after birth is impeding your recovery as everything gets traumatized during birth.



hello, im on the same boat. only that mine has been exactly months and days. i know you wrote this months ago but i would like to know how it went for you after all. did it get better and when? i still bleed and the pain comes and goes when i have a bm sometimes i have pain and sometimes i dont.


same here..
how did it heal?