At the time I am writing this it's 3am in the morning and I am browsing internet trying to find some consolation on recovery required after hemorrhoidectomy. I had stapled hemorrhoidectomy on 12 March (Monday) and doctor advised two weeks recovery period. Until now things haven't moved very much forward. I do have 6-7 hrs periods in a day without any pain and I am not taking heavy painkillers (only paracetamols and strong ibuprofen occasionally). I have regular bowl movement and watch my diet carefully with lot of fibers etc. as doctor prescribed. My ''nightmare'' starts after toilet visits. After having stool I enter 6 hour period of agony which is not getting better at all 8 days post operation. No painkillers help in this situation. I was also told by my doctor (like many others on similar forums) that it takes 2 weeks to heal. Accordingly, I was planning to go back to work 2 weeks after surgery but that seems too optimistic now. I would like to know what are your experiences when it comes to return to work and any tips on how to ease the suffering. Also, how long it takes before you can have a normal stool without immense pain I am suffering now....and, I do realise every individual is different but what are average experiences? Thanks so much.