REPLY AS GUEST START NEW TOPIC Discussions »  Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoidectomy Recovery Time Subscribe TheManimal on 8/6/12 I am a 41 year-old male who just had one external hemorrhoid removed, done by a great surgeon here in Tucson, AZ. I am extremely healthy and ripped, work-out everyday, and eat a great diet. Unfortunately, I have had one external hemorrhoid, which I have managed to keep at bay, my whole life, since the ages of 10 to 17 growing-up in Philadelphia eating nothing but pizza, cheese steaks and other fast-food which would leave me on the toilet almost every night after waking-up with abdominal pains from the dinner I ate that night. I was working-out in my garage which I converted into a gym listening to some heavy-metal and 80's glam metal doing deep-squats when I realized that I just did something which made my external hemorrhoid pop out for good and really hurt! The doctor said I needed surgery, which didn't sound good! Anyways, after the long-acting pain injection wore-off after the first evening, the pain increased! I couldn't pee for the first day unless I stood there and just let it drip now and then which took about 1/2 hour. Started taking oxycontin as prescribed 5/325mg every 4 hours as needed. They worked great. The doctor also prescribed me some Generlac laxative/stool softener which worked, but gave me terrible gas! The doctor also gave me a tube of cream/gel with 5% Lidocaine, that I swear did nothing beside help make my underwear even more stained with stuff! The pain would get worse as the pain meds wore-off, which constipated me. I constantly felt like I had to poop. I couldn't distinguish the pain around my butt-hole from the sensation of having to poop. When I did poop, it hurt so bad! Wiping myself was completely out of the question! I would hobble to the shower where I would let hot water dribble-down my backside and ass crack and cup my hand there. Even water dribbling-down over my butt-hole hurt so bad and burned! I Have one of those hose things atatched to my shower, but water spraying lightly directly on my butt-hole was too much pain to stand! I repeated this several times a day for the first 7 - 10 days. I am a hygiene freak and felt dirty for 3 weeks! I hated not being able to clean properly! My underwear constantly had residue in them from blood and poop, regardless of how well I tried to clean. I had to stop the pain pills due to the constipation which they caused. The harder the poop, the worse the pain! I hated eating anything, because I knew, whatever went-in, had to come-out! I took acetominophen instead of pain-pills (which barely worked), as ibuprofen and Naproxin (Aleve) are blood-thinners and promote bleeding which happened anyhow, during every bowl movement! I took some laxative pills (7) bisocodyl pills a few times just to feel like I went completely. They give abdominal pain and I hated using them. They left me empty, but at what cost!? Constant trips to the toilet which I would leave looking dirtier than a New York subway toilet after rush hour! I was in so much pain I couldn't even attempt to clean-up until after a trip to a hot shower.The pain and bleeding got a tiny bit less as each day passed; after 2 - 3 weeks I was 90% better. The pain was about a 8 or 9 on a 10 scale after every partial bowl movement for the first week and a half. I am now doing much better as you will be too! Just hang-in there! It will all be worth it in the end!The whole process sucked, but in the end will be better than living with hemorrhoids! I am now back to normal and gonna go listen to Ratt in garage gym, while avoiding deep squats! Useful post? 8 Report abuse Guest on 2/26/13 Thanks for your post, I am at day six of my recovery and I needed a little encouragement. I had three external hemorrhoids removed and it has been a really painful experience. I have broken bones, been hit in the face with a lead pipe, had my nose broken, ripped the tendons in my knee, dislocated my shoulder and broken three ribs and none of that compares to the pain I experience every time I take a c**p after this surgery. It's going to be real hard to do another week of this. Useful post? 2 Report abuse tb1 on 2/26/13 It does get better. I felt so much better after a couple weeks. My doctor told me that this is the most painful surgery you can get and I believe it. It helped me a lot to jump in the shower immediately after a BM to spray off the poop. It's kind of gross, but something in the poop causes the burning and it's also easier on the area to not rub it all the time with toilet paper or even baby wipes. Then a short (10 minutes) sitz bath to really make sure everything's cleaned out. Everybody's different but these 2 things worked for me. Useful post? 3 Report abuse Guest on 4/28/13 Hi, I was on here researching for a doctor in Tucson to help with this & surgery. Can you tell me who the Doctor was? Thank you. Useful post? Report abuse Guest on 4/28/13 In reply to TheManimal on 2012-08-06 - click to read Who was the doctor in Tucson, thanks a gal from Tucson Useful post? Report abuse vicky on 7/4/13 Hi All My partner is having this op in a couple of weeks. Can any of you give me any idea on the recovery time from experience? The hospital told him 4-6 weeks, but online sources say 1-2 - are they mad?!?! I can't see how something like this can be all better after one week or two... Please respond :) Thanks in advance Useful post? Report abuse tb1 on 7/10/13 Hi Vicky. Everyone is different. My mom was in her 70's and was back to normal in just a few days. And she had surgery, not banding or stapling. I noticed a big improvement at 2 weeks, but I wouldn't have wanted to go back to work then. I did walk around a Walmart but that took a lot out of me. I would plan on 4 to 6 weeks and hope it's less. Useful post? 2 Report abuse Ellis on 7/11/13 In reply to vicky on 2013-07-04 - click to read I am 9 days after surgery and I feel about 80% healed. I would say that two weeks is a reasonable estimate. Useful post? Report abuse Az2013 on 7/18/13 Im In Sierra Vista , what's his name. Useful post? Report abuse mrsaloha on 8/17/13 In reply to TheManimal on 2012-08-06 - click to read Thank you for your post. had my proceedure two weeks ago. The first week was bleak. I had so much pain and comp0lication with constipation. I took myself off the oxycodone and am onl taking a few motrin a day. My doctor put me on a liquid diet to let everything heal a bit more--man do I miss solid food. I'm still laid up and am hoping to just heal quickly si I can get back to my work out soon. I've lost 10 pounds so far--a lot for someone who was 105 to start with. I have to say, the sitz bath helps tremendously. I soak all of the time, especially after a bowel movement. Wondering how long it would take to be completely pain free during bowel movement. Useful post? Report abuse Guest on 8/30/13 I had this surgery about 15 years ago. I have had 2 children with NO drugs, so I know I have a high tolerance for pain. Before the surgery, I would have to use ice packs for the pain and realized that I couldn't go on that way. This surgery was worse than any pain I have ever experienced. I would thrash about on my bed for about 1/2 hour after each bowel movement. The pain was so bad, I didn't know what to do with myself. It actually took me 6 weeks before I could go to the bathroom without severe pain. BUT...on the upside, once I healed I had no more problems with hemorrhoids! It was horrible to go through but it did take care of the problem and was worth it in the end (pardon the pun). One mistake I made was not taking my pain meds every 4 hours. The doctor told me I needed to stay on top of the pain. Once I started to do that, it was a little better. Useful post? Report abuse tired already on 9/18/13 Thank everyone for there posts .. i am 4 days post op .. i had 2 removed and a band around the third .. i am in so much pain .. at least with child birth there was an end in site .. but what i wanted to know is .. did everyone have drainage from there bottom .. its not bright red blood... Useful post? Report abuse gary on 10/7/13 I am a 36 year old male and have had trouble with hemorrhoids my whole adult life. I had a thrombose (blood clot) hemorrhoid lanced several years ago, and had not had any trouble until this past Tuesday evening when I noticed my rear end had a developing thrombose hemorrhoid. I went to the ER Tuesday evening and they lancrd it, pulled out a large, peanut sized clot and sent me home. I was already in pain again by the time I had arrived home...went back to ER. They lanced again and removed 3 more clots. Returning home, it remained swolen and painful. I went the next day to a hemorrhoid specialist, who took one look and sent me to the hospital for surgery. Waking up and still under the effects of anesthesia, I felt good. I was kept overnight. The next day, they removed the catheter. (OW!!) and as the day got on, the pain started to come on. Even at this point, the pain wasn't unbearable. I was released in afternoon. I felt good enough to drive myself home even. From there it got worse. I still hadn't had a bowel movement. I started getting stomach pain, but worse was that my pelvis had pain shooting through it because my bowel was full with a hard stool. Also, the stuff oozing out of my wounds, was mixing with acid and fecal matter that was coming around the stuck stool. The only relief at all was from standing in a scalding hot shower. And the instant I would step out of the water, the pain returned. I couldn't stand sit, lay down, etc. No sleeping. Pain pills having no effect. Friday, I opted for some milk of magnesia. (had already been taking Miramax twice daily since surgery) wich made my tummy at least feel like something could move. Finally I was on the verge of my first post op bowel movement. I was told to avoid straining, but having had no sleep and being in constant miserable pain, I was willing to do whatever I had to in order to get things moving. The passing of that turf, was the worst, most painful, aganizing 10 minutes of my life. I strained, screamed, and sweat buckets. It was all the energy I could muster. It was like trying to pass a t**d with razor blades and Tabasco sauce sprinkled with shards of broken glass. After finally passing it, I spent several minutes in the hot shower, getting relief and trying to clean up. After this, I felt like a water melon had passed through me, but finally the pelvis pain etc was gone and I finally got some sleep. The bowel movements I now have are still very painful, but soft due to commitment to fiber and laxative, but once overwith I am reasonably comfortable for hours. Still lots of puss and bleeding...wishing forcontinued improvement. Day four/five. Now 12 days in, improvement coming rapidly now. Each bm hurts less. Bleeding is decreasing. Back to work soon.