Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for sharing their experiences with hemorrhoids and hemorrhoidectomies on this site, as this is not an easy thing to discuss. Well, where should I begin?  I had my third hemorrhoidectomy last week on Thurs. 3/29...having had an external skin tag removed, because it had developed into painful hemorrhoid that I was having to ice after every BM. I was pleasantly surprised that I was in very little pain right after the surgery and over the weekend, even after my first few comparison to my two previous surgeries. I actually thought to, this is gonna be a breeze, but boy, did I think too soon. On Mon. my BM was a bit more painful with bleeding and on Tues. it was a lot more painful with a lot more bleeding. I woke this morning, still in pain, and I haven't even had a BM yet, which I'm dreading.

I realized that I was pretty swollen when I wiped after going #1, which got me curious, so I worked up the courage to look and I was mortified at what I saw. It not only feels worse, but it looks even worse than it did before the surgery and I completely lost it. I thought for sure something had gone horribly wrong and that I was going to have to have another surgery like asap. I already had a follow up appointment with my doctor this Fri., but I called in a panic to try and get in sooner. However, he won't be in until Fri., but they were able to give me an earlier appointment. I was going to wait two, rather than one week to go back, but I've been summoned for jury duty next week and need a letter from my doctor to excuse me, because there is No Way that I could sit in a jury box for any length of time with no access to ice packs, a warm bath, my pain meds, and only limited access to a toilet. I'm currently taking 2-3 oxycodones/percocets a day and it barely dulls the discomfort/pain that I've been in the last couple of days, if that tells you anything.

After reading some of the comments on this site, I guess I can expect my doctor to tell me that this painful swelling is normal and that it will go away in time. Someone said on here that their doctor told them it could take as long as a year for the swelling to go away and I pray that No One...including myself, has to suffer for That long. I'm a 33 year old female and have been suffering...and I do mean suffering, from hemorrhoids on and off for the last 20+ years of my life. I had my first hemorrhoidectomy when I was about 27, a second a couple of years after that, and my third just recently. I was hoping that this third time would be the charm, but now I'm beginning to wonder. I can't begin to tell you the tole all this has taken on my self esteem, my social life, my relationships with men, and I'll be d****d if this condition steals away anymore of my life. For all of those currently dealing with this condition or something of a similar nature, I can honestly say...I Feel your pain.