I just wanted to post my story because I see all horror stories out there. I had my surgery on August 3 (Friday)  for three large hemorrhoids. Let me start by saying that I am a 38 year old female, very active, in shape and healthy, and have been taking fiber regularly for several months. I also was very careful the days up until surgery and ate only high fiber, healthy foods.

The first two days was rough, much like any other surgery. I have extreme reactions to anesthetic, so ended up throwing up all night the first night with practically zero sleep. That was the worst part of this experience so far. On the third day, I had my first BM. It was very painful! But I didn't expect anything less. I immediately took a bath and felt fine after using some numbing cream and taking my medication. I followed the doctor's instructions and used some Milk of Magnesia, took plenty of fiber, and drank lots of water. The second BM was very soft, and although it did cause some pain, it was tolerable and fast. I believe that is because I was very careful about the diet. I take roughly 4-5 baths per day and have even taken one or two overnight for comfort.

I am on day 5 (Tuesday) post-op and spent most of the day working around the house, with a little nap in between. I feel better when I am moving. I am going on a walk this afternoon, my normal two miles around the neighborhood that I take when I go. I am hoping that by staying active, with rest in between, that I will bounce back quickly. I took the week off and will return to work next Monday. I won't lie, it is sore and it is uncomfortable, but I have also had two C-sections, an oophorectomy (removal of ovary), two hernia repairs, and one appendectomy. Perhaps I am more used to getting surgery in those areas, so my tolerance may be a bit higher than most. I will post back in a few days with another update.