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I need advice. My daughter is crazy for this multivitamin juice. She drink about 4 pints daily. I can’t do anything accept not buy it, but she makes noise otherwise… is there any dangers of vitamins?


yes there is a possibility of overdosing on vitamins, but could not be done in a natural way- with vitamins that are in food, but dangers of vitamins is possible with vitamin supplements, such as multivitamin juice or more likely vitamin pills. Your daughter is not in dangers of vitamins because she doesn't consume enough juice.
Besides effects or dangers of vitamin overdose are not as frightful as on some medication. Only overdose with iron can be very dangerous (toxic). In case of vitamin overdose people usually don’t need urgent medical help (accept iron or if you swallowed a whole bottle full). Usually most toxicity is the result of prolonged intake of high doses. Process is reversible- you should stop taking the vitamins. After that perhaps talk to your doctor.


Are Vitamins Dangerous?

In response to the post, Are Vitamins Dangerous?, my answer is yes... and no. All-Natural Whole Food Vitamins are not dangerous, but synthetic vitamins (most brands) can be.

Make no mistake - all vitamin supplements are NOT created equal. Become a discerning consumer.

Taber's Medical Dictionary concludes that vitamins are indispensable for the maintenance of good health. Likewise, The Journal of American Medical Association concluded that everyone should take a multi-vitamin everyday.

Synthetic vitamins simply cannot measure up to nature’s finest. Over 3,800 different compounds have been identified in foods as having nutritional significance. However, in a laboratory, twenty nutrients are about all that modern science can reproduce and put into a vitamin product.

But even more of a concern than the ineffectiveness of these synthetic vitamins is the harm that they can cause. One of many examples is a recent study on Vitamin C as synthetic ascorbic acid. It was found to thicken the walls of the arteries.

On the other hand, all-natural vitamins made from whole-food sources have many positive benefits that synthetic vitamins just can’t duplicate in a lab. Whole-food vitamins derive their nutrients directly from fruits and vegetables. Unlike synthetic vitamins, whole-food vitamins do not rob precious nutrients from the body. Rather, they supply the individual cells with the nutrients they need to flourish. For greatest gains in terms of health, take only whole food vitamins. When evaluating a vitamin supplement, simply read the label. Rather than multi-syllable, unpronounceable chemical names, you should find the names of foods listed as the vitamin sources.

What a concept! This is your way of knowing that you are getting the best possible absorption and retention of your vitamins.