Recent study found that craving for caffeine for boosting energy may indicate serious sleep problems. Study reported that the energy that we get from caffeine may only be derived from night’s sleep. Most of us use caffeine to boost the energy but study indicates that we could get this kind of energy from good night’s sleep.

Caffeine represents a kind of stimulant that affects central nervous system. It makes people feel more alert, productive until the effects of it doesn’t stop. Four to seven cups of coffee per day represent heavy doses of caffeine and that much coffee every day can increase person’s heart rate and cause headaches.

Researchers say that people who take coffee to stay awake need to find out why are they having trouble sleeping. Many people suffer from obstructive sleep apnea and are not even aware of this problem. Most people wake up many times at night , wake up exhausted in the morning and take caffeine immediately to make it through the day. Doctors agree that by taking high doses of caffeine every day may mask several conditions which could cause some serious damage to people’s body.