For 2 years now, I feel muscle aches all over my body during sleep every now and then. And the strange thing is that the aches magically disappear if I wake myself up. I also noticed that sitting still for too long makes me ache. I have to fidget and wiggle or walk around to relieve the discomfort. Also, I've been getting increasingly tired over the past 5 years. I have energy when out and busy (but energy feels like it's comming from coffee and I should be resting). When at home, I can EASILY fall asleep just by watching TV (it takes a really good TV show to keep me up awake). There's some talk going around saying that sleep apnea may be linked to speech problems and childhood ADHD. And since my docs wanted to diagnose me with ADHD as a child, and I had problems with stuttering and pronounciating words clearly, and I do believe I wake up with a dry mouth and throat and headache 2-3 times per week, that maybe I should get sleep study? But a PA who saw me said that maybe I should see a shrink, because I do suffer GAD since childhood (and it runs in my family) and that may be why I'm tired and achy all the time. She said that my blood work shows that I'm healthy. I dont drink alcohol, caffienated beverages, smoke or any drug. Can you help me?