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My husband and I are trying to conceive for three years now – we thought it just might take some time before it happens, but my ob-gyn told me that there is some problem if we were having unprotected sex for a year and I didn’t get pregnant. So, first I was tested, even though I never skipped a period and all tests showed I’m ovulating. Then, when it was my husband’s turn, we really weren’t ready for such a disappointment. His sperm count was 5 million which is considered as very low. We’re now thinking about trying intrauterine insemination (IUI), but is it possible for IUI to be successful with this sperm count?

Thanks for your replies


Hello MaryAnne,

the limit that separates low and normal sperm count is 15 million and above. The second factor that plays very important part in IUI is sperm motility, or to put it simply, sperm movement. I'd recommend you to wait with intrauterine insemination until your husband's sperm count rises. He needs to see a good urologist and make some dietary changes and his sperm count can rise.

This way you'll save yourself from disappointment if IUI procedure ends up unsuccessful, and like I wrote previously, there are ways and treatments that can raise your husband's sperm count.