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hi, i am 17, will be 18 in december. I am getting married to a us amry soldier :-D . we are getting married in januart of 10. i am really excited. i am currently still in school. i am talking online classes. if fit my schedule better. we have been talking about a baby for some time now.. i really want to have on and so does he. we have been trying. but no sucess yet :'( . i have been reading around and every says have sex two weeks into your cycle. well my period only lasts for about three or four days.. so how does it work for my case? ? please let me know. thanks so much. :O



Well, congratulations on your up and coming nuptuals, i guess %-) I don't mean to sound sarcastic but you are so young, your soon to be husband local or has he been deployed? Is he scheduled to be shipped out after your wedding? I'm asking because a young newlywed with an absent husband is sad.
In order to become pregnant, you have to ovulate. It doesn't matter if your period lasts for 3 or 4 days, it's still considered a full period.
Ovulation usually begins on or around the 14th day after the FIRST day of your Last period. Say you get your period on the 1st of November, this is when you start to count off the days. The 1st thru the 14th is obviously 14 days into your cycle. Now is when you SHOULD start to ovulate, this depends on whether or not you are regular and on time every month. There are a couple days in the ovulation process when you are most fertile and apt to become pregnant. Get busy at this time, at least for 4 or 5 days, you could catch one of your fertile days in this time frame.
Remember, sperm will survive and thrive in a womens body for a few days after ejaculation, so if you have unprotected sex and he ejaculates, that ejaculate will hang out and wait for ovulation to begin. If you ovulate on the 14th but have sex on the 12th or 13th, there is a chance that you could still get pregnant.
Once that fertile time passes, you are now on the backside of your cycle and your chances of conceiving at this time is virtually nill.

Now is the time to start a calendar so that you can mark off the days and watch when things should start happening. Usually when i ovulated, my temperature would go up a degree or two and i could feel some slight pain in my ovaries, nothing bad but just enough to let me know i was ovulating.

Good luck to both of you and i hope all goes well on your special day.