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Yesterday, my girlfriend and I engaged in oral sex multiple times, followed by mutual masturbation.

The first time, I came, all of the ejaculate entered her mouth, it is likely that at this time there was precum on my hand. I urinated, washed my hands, and then we proceeded upstairs. While the details are somewhat fuzzy. I ejaculated in her mouth once more, however, I distinctly remember having a particularly long orgasm with a small amount of ejaculate on my thumb.

I fingered her several minutes aftter this without using my thumb (worst case scenario, I may have fingered her before she gave me head, I do not remember). We often had each others fingers in our mouths and sucked most of the female and male ejaculate dry, other times we wiped out hands on a blanket.

I am well-aware that morning sickness does not occur until a minimum of two weeks after fertilization. Today, however, she had a fever and threw up multiple times. She was ovulating at this time and yesterday, as it was roughly fourteen days after her last period. Her period should be occuring around January 14 and she is highly irregular.

In the U.S., when you are under the age of eighteen, it is difficult to get the morning-after pill. I have certainly learned my lesson, and do not wish for my girlfriend to go through the painful experience of having an abortion or telling her parents, however in my state, NJ, the morning- after pill is not available without a prescription, and I do not wish for my parents to know about the events that have recently transpired.

I am not sure: what the chances of her getting pregnant from precum are, how the fever impacts it, how to obtain the morning after-pill without parental consent in NJ, or how effective the morning-after pill would be if we obtained it within the next 48 hours.

I am also not sure about what (God-forbid) Planned Parenthood can help with with if we are unable to obtain the pill and my girlfriend is pregnant.

Even more complicated is a friend's suggestion, that she take multiple doses of the hormone progestin though a standard birth control pill in succession, which frankly sounds needlessly dangerous and silly to me. Any help with these questions, especially from one with real medical or first-hand experience,would be greatly appreciated.

I have certainly learned my lesson from this experience, and will not engage in this type of behavior unprotected again. Thank you for the help.



YOU CAN get the morning after pill and regular brith control without parental consent!! PLANNED PARENTHOOD!

No teen needs consent for birth control related services, only abortion.

NJ does not require consent for abortion, actually!

It sounds unlikely to lead to pregnancy, but for the future, get her on regular birth control.


hey dont worry all will be good ok dear it is normal