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My daughter, who is 28 years old, finally got pregnant. She was trying that with her husband for 5 years already. That is everything great but I am worry because of something that I have heard. My neighbor told me there is some substance in nicotine that effects to testosterone. As I know that is hormone which could wrongly affect her baby, I wonder if that is true, or if there are some consequences that baby might feel.


What your neighbor told you is truth, because nicotine affects more then just testosterone. If influence to testosterone was something that you are interested in, I will explain you just effect of nicotine to testosterone. First to say there were epidemiological studies which shown that smoking during pregnancy markedly increases risk for future tobacco use by adolescent female offspring. It has been hypothesized that increasing fetal plasma testosterone levels persist to adult life also. Testing of this hypothesis included randomized pregnant rats who received nicotine from day 4 until the end of gestation. Testosterone levels were obtained in blood samples to offspring that were exposed to nicotine from 30 to 120 day. Maternal nicotine exposure resulted in increased plasma testosterone levels increased in fetuses in response to the nicotine infusion. Conclusion of this research was that prenatal nicotine exposure increases testosterone chronically in adolescent female rat offspring and acutely in both male and female ovine fetuses. Those findings lack correlative behavioral information on female offspring; data are consistent with human epidemiological data suggesting that prenatal environment influences may have marked effects on offspring.