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my level was tested threw a saliva test and it came back 537 can you give me any feed back on this topic and what can be done to lower this thank you :-(


Hi angel.

I presume you're female since male usually wouldn't be worried about higher testosterone levels. Anyway, there are few ways to reduce your testosterone levels. The most important is the way you eat, i.e. your nutrition. Too much of proteins, fat or meat could increase levels of testosterone in your blood. So dropping them from your plate would be wise move. Soy is apparently very good for reducing testosterone, so mind including it in your menu.
And now few 'unhealthy' advices. Use of alcohol apparently lowers testosterone levels, but you should use it moderately. Also, weed/pot/ganja is the solution. It's been proven scientifically that marijuana is responsible for lower testosterone in men. Stress too, but being under influence of cortisol (stress hormone) isn't good long term solution.
All the ways I've mentioned are short-term effective. What you need, especially if you're female, are medications and hormonal suppressants prescribed by your doctor. So don't hesitate to make an appointment.