I took Birth Control for 3 years, stopped taking it, and waited 6 months before becoming pregnant with my son. I got back on the pill 2 years ago, and since then I have been diagnosed with Hormone inbalanced Migraines. The doctor said that my Hormones never went back after having my son. I have since stopped the pill, I was supposed to take a pill on Sunday according to my body, and I have had horrible migraines since. My husband worked on my neck like my massage theropist does, and it helped ALOT, I was able to sleep last night, and was fine until about 10:oo this morning. I have it again, and I am trying not to take my migraine pills because we are trying to conceive, and I know I shouldn't take those pills (Frova) if we are trying to conceive. Is this normal, and if so how long will it last? Will I continue to have migraines during pregnancy? What can I take to help it?