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My wife has a bunch of health issues. Primarily she suffers from what her neurologist calls "debilitating migraines". Her symptoms include a headache on one side, pain behind the eyeball of that side (usually her left), neck pain, nausea and vomiting. Any headache with her will usually lead to a migraine with these symptoms (including allergies and any nasal issue).

Additionally, she has poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). She has had trouble getting pregnant and with our first child she barely produced any milk at all (2 oz max with a breast pump - how fun).

She has trouble falling asleep and usually only sleeps soundly after 4AM.

She's extremely sensitive to chemical changes - i.e., if her docs prescribe tylenol with codeine and suggest 2 pills she'll throw up from that dose but can tolerate 1/2 of a pill and get some relief from that (normally she uses things like frova and zomig to deal with migraines but she is pregnant now).

I was reading on the NY Times web site about a patient that had sleep problems with other symptoms. After seeing a variety of doctors one finally diagnosed it as acromegaly.

I did some searching around on pituitary issues and found that my wife has some symptoms (the ones noted above) that might suggest an issue with her pituitary gland.

Is there any reason to have some check this out and if so, what sort of doctor would be best?


To me it would make sense that there would be a link between migraines and the pituitary gland--after all, the pituitary gland is linked to the endocrine system. I think that your diagnosis might warrant some investigation. If you are interested, the best specialist to see would be an endocrinologist, as they work with the endocrine system. I am curious to hear if your diagnosis for your wife ends up panning out. Please keep us posted!