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I am a women and I am 34 years old. I have masterbated and enjoyed it but never reached an orgasm. I have masterbated until my arm was sore. I am single and sexually frustrated and very tense about this situation. Is there any sexual toys that you may know of that stimulate the clitorius. Any advice that all?


Vibrators are good tools to use to stimulate the clitoris. They vibrate (hence the name) at varying levels depending on the model, but they mimic the feeling of flicking a finger on your clitoris except your arm will not get sore if the vibrator is doing all the work. All you have to do it hold it in the right spot :-)

Higher vibrations have been rumoured to make you numb or they vibrate too fast to feel texture (if you get what I mean by that). The lower setting have been said to work better because they mimic a flicking finger better.