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Most women masturbate at least occasionally. Self-sex has multiple advantages:

  • It doesn't require the presence of a partner
  • It doesn't carry the risk of sexually transmitted diseases
  • It can't get you pregnant
  • It enables you to get to know your own body so you can tell current and future partners exactly what you do and don't enjoy
  • It's fun and relaxing
Some of those points only apply if you know how to pleasure yourself and how to climax, however, and since some women aren't sure, we have some tips for you. 

Female Masturbation: It's Not A Race To The Finish Line

Orgasms may feel great, but if you make climaxing your only goal, you're less likely to enjoy the experience and less likely to get to the Big O. So please, don't turn masturbation into a mechanical process meant to accomplish one goal! Rather, simply focus on what arouses you, whether that's touch, sexy thoughts, or most likely a combination. 

The Vagina Isn't Your Personal Gateway To Heaven

Most women enjoy vaginal stimulation, but need clitoral stimulation to get to climax. You can insert fingers, a vibrator, or other toys into your vagina if you like, but don't necessarily expect that to help you orgasm. 

Experiment With Different Techniques

Some women enjoy using circular motions when they stimulate their clitoris with their fingers, while others prefer rubbing up and down or sideways. Some like to use one finger, while others get more stimulation if they employ multiple fingers. 

Some women don't prefer using their fingers at all, and enjoy masturbation more if they use a vibrator (which doesn't have to have a phallic shape, by the way — some vibrators are meant purely for clitoral simulation). A vibrator gives you more intense stimulation than your hands do, and if you use one, you may want to experiment with different amounts of pressure.

You can also experiment with using pillows, and many women find it pleasurable to stimulate themselves with the stream of water that comes out of the shower. 

The only way you will find out what you like best is to try different masturbation techniques. To avoid desensitizing your vulva, however, you may prefer to bring variety into your self-sex. 

Need A Little Bit Of Help?

Sexual arousal is dependent on two different things — the physical and the mental. Though some women may be able to enjoy the physical aspect without needing to mentally get in the mood, that isn't true for everyone. 

To get in the mood, you can recall particularly sexy experiences you have had in real life, or fantasize about experiences you would still like to have. You can also read sexy novels, or even make use of graphic materials to arouse yourself. 

Physically, besides stimulating your clitoris, vagina, and perhaps anus, you may also enjoy stimulating your nipples and other erogenous zones. If your vagina and vulva are too dry for you to enjoy masturbation, you can also add some lube into the mix. Water-based lubes are available from any pharmacy, and they can really spice things up — whether you are having sex with a partner or alone. 

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