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can anyone pls answer my post here.. im juz confused and bothered..
my girlfriend and i had sexual intercourse last week and shes worried that she might get pregnant.. heres the case.. we had intercourse but i nver let my sperm inside her.. i ejaculated outside but after releasing my sperm outside and wiping my sperm with a blanket.. i again inserted my "P" into her "V" cos she wanted it too.. is there a possibility that shell get preggy?... cos im getting paranoid here cos majority of my friends now are all pregnant accidentaly.. :(( pls help


UNPROTECTED sex will cause pregnancy, even if you pull out. The turth is that a girl needs to be on birth control, or you need to use a condom to prevent pregnancy.

Minors DO NOT need parnetal consent for birth control or abortion services.

Planned Parenthood is a great resource for TEEN health =)
MONEY is not usually an issue because PP offers free and super low cost services..

IF IT HAS been 5 days or less, she can still get the morning after pill!