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so i know you all have answered this before
i know the same thing comes up everytime
about proper birth control
and how any sperm can make some one pregnant
but i am relaly freaking out, so i was just wondering
if someone could please jsut give me an honest opinion
your opinion of what you think
that would be GREATLY appreciated
ok so me and my girlfriend were fooling around the day after she got off her period
and we were both masturbating
i did not ejaculate AT ALL
but i may have got a little bit of pre cum on my fingers and then fingered her
i am pretty sure i wiped it off. i am almost positive i wiped it all off i really am. so with ovulation rules, even though i know everyone is different. but even if she ovulated at day 10, and the sperm lived for 5 days it still wouldnt be really possible would it...
i mean i know there is a slight chance, but likely hood here?
and if it was any day past 10-14 than the sperm could not live that long to fertilize an egg correct.
if she had her period on november 19, and we messed around the novemeber 24. most likely there is a very slim chance correct?

please just opinions

thank you so much


In order for pregnancy to occur, you need sperm to be INSIDE of her vagina, it would be unlikely to enter her in the way you explained.

Just in case...

Birth control does not require parental consent, and Planned Parenthood can get teens low cost and free services.