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Hello everyone on Steady Health! I hope that everyone out there is doing well, but I know that I am a little stressed out. Finding and browsing/searching this forum has eased my nerves alot though.

About two weeks ago, roughly 1-1.5 weeks before the start of my girlfriends upcoming period - we were fooling around a bit. At first it was nothing but strictly dry humping, both parties were clothed. But like on every other occasion, things escalated and all I had on was a pair of boxers and a pair of shorts. She had on nothing at all.

I looked down at my shorts, and what appeared to be some precum had made its way through both my boxers and my shorts. In time, some actual sperm had also made its way through. Ignorantly, we let it slide and her dry humping me while she was naked and I only had on a pair of shorts continued. This went on for quite a while.

She should be starting her period within the next couple of days. My main questions are as follows...

1. Does the time that we were messing around, roughly 1-1.5 weeks before the start of my girlfriends upcoming period - affect how easily she could get pregnant?

2. Is it even possible to get my girlfriend pregnant with sperm that exits my body without being inside of her - especially through a pair of shorts?

Thank you all SO much for taking your time to read this thread, I greatly appreciate it :D


That scenario is unlikely to cause pregnancy! AS YOU KNOW though, HTINGS can escalate in the future, so why not possibly talk to her baout birth control?

About 2 weeks before a womans period she ovulates, she is fertile, BUT The sperm need to be IN HER vagina.

Parental consent IS NOT NEEDED for birth control! Planned parenthood is a great resource because they offer free and low cost services especially for teens.


Thank you SO much Carifairy! You have calmed my nerves even more.

I really appreciate how you respectfully handled my questions. My girlfriend usually uses Ortho Evra birth control, in the form of a patch - but she just recently halted her use for a few weeks due to some other medical issues.

Thanks again!