Hi, I am a 41 year old former gymnast & love to jog & do pilates, but that ended almost 2 years ago now. In Nov of 2013, I had C5 & C6 fusion surgery & in June of 2014, I had my bicep tendon reattached to my shoulder bone. I was not able to finish therapy on back due to drs concerns about the tear in my bicep get larger which unfortunately it tore rt off. Before I had the spine surgery, I Maybe had 1 or 2 headaches a year, now I have Ocular Migraines and I am Still in Alot of pain, mostly back of neck, side ribs & feels like someone kicked me in my lower back. I recently started muscular massage therapy which makes me feel worse afterwards. It will be 2 years this coming Feb since my accident. My surgeons say I'm healed, but I feel anything but. I Really would love to get off all of these medications, go back to work, exercise again & feel like I'm not the biggest failure with my fiancee & 2 great step kids who I have known for years. I do Thank God that I have great support, but I Really just want ME back. Any suggestions? I can use Any help that anyone has for me please, I am totally at my wits end & this endless pain & sleeplessness is causing many problems. Thank You