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I had cervical surgery in Oct/06. I had c4,c5,c6 removed and a metal plate inplanted.I was taken out of my neck brace in Jan 07.I have to take pain meds 3 times a day just to make it thru the day. I was wondering if you could tell me how long this should take to feel better, and do you have any ideas other than pain meds that would help relieve the pain? I didn't start physical therapy until last week and it doesnt seem to make it better. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


I Just replied to a different post, but I'll repeat the info. I had surgery one year ago, got out of my brace in July, completed PT in October.

See if the dr will give you an anti-inflammtory drug. I take celebrex and it did help the pain by 60%. I still have to take Darvocet, Soma, and Vicadin on an as needed basis. The muscle pain between my neck and shoulders and around my shoulder blades is awful. I had C4,5,6 fused.