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So sometimes when I lay in bed for a while I get up and I can't see anything and I get extremely dizzy, once, causing me to fall and get a concussion and I just told my parents that I fell out of bed. I had gotten used to it because it has happened for as long as I can remember, get out of bed, loose eyesight, get dizzy, and quickly kneel and lay on the ground so I don't hurt myself, but lately it has been getting worse. I had stretched and started walking and I couldn't see and I ran in too a bunch of stuff by our dining room table. I just stood there for a minute and my dad was behind me asking why I was just standing there, but I couldn't see for like a minute that time. When I was younger it was between like 5-10 seconds but now normally it's like 30- to a minute and im scared there is something wrong with me, help!

Also: this has been going on as long as I can remember


same here...feel u man