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I am 16yr male, none smoker
Anyways to the point, for about a year now my heart has occassionally started beating very fast for about a minute, sometimes even less. This usually happens when I am about to sit down or bend over, but sometimes even happens on its own or when I am nervous. I have since then learnt how to stop it, I stop it by taking a deep breath and holding it in, this usually gets rid of the fast beating.

My second problem, which I think may be connected with the first one, is that whenever I lay down, or sit down, for at least 10mins, (This happens in the morning when I wake up everyday) and then get up I feel extremely dizzy, and I see a lot of white dots everywhere, I cant walk straight. This goes away after about 20secs and I have become used to it happening.

Of Course being a male teen Im not too excited about going to the doctor, that is why I havent went to a doctor about this yet, but I have an appointment for next friday. Anyways, back onto topic, my questions are,

1)Are these symptoms related to anything harmful?
2)is there a specific name for this?
3)is there anywhere I could get more info on this?
4)is there medication, or other method to fix this?

Id just like to get some info before I see the doctor, just to get a rough idea where this is gonna go.



I went to my family doctor on Friday and told her about my symptoms. She suspected something about an extra tube, or something in my heart that allows the heart to let blood pass through there. Then she said that I could get that cut or something like that. (I dont know what she was talking about too much) She sent me to get a whole bunch of tests, which I did right after I left her office, since they were nearby. Anyways the tests were:
1)Blood Test
2)Urine Test
3)ECG (btw are ECG and EKG the same?)
4)X-ray of my chest
Im still awaiting the results of these tests so I cant tell anyone anything exactly.
On a side note I read your post Casandra and I went and read about anemia and anxiety, After reading about anemia and its symptoms I became EXTREMELY scared because I basicly have ALL OF THEM except one!
Major symptoms of anemia include:
1.Extreme fatigue
3.Shortness of breath
4.Confusion or loss of concentration
5.Dizziness or fainting
6.Pale skin, including decreased pinkness of the lips, gums, lining of the eyelids, nail beds and palms
7.Rapid heart beat (tachycardia)
8.Feeling cold
9.Sadness or depression

I have all of those except the pale skin. Now im really scared that I have anemia. Is it life threatening? is there a cure, does anyone have it/had it? Will any of the tests I had done point towards anemia?


Don't worry! I've had the symptoms you describe on and off for over twenty years and I lead an active, healthy lifestyle and have no reason to believe that will change any time soon.

What you are describing in terms of symptoms with the exception of the rapid heart rate, dizziness, and optical symptoms (fatigue, anxiety, depression, etc.) can be associated with numerous syndromes with various medical sources. Following those symptoms will only raise more questions than answers.

I'd focus on the rapid heart rate and your technique for subduing it. What you are describing sounds like text book Atrial Tachycardia (not Fibrillation as another poster suggested). The way in which it occurs for you suggests something called POTS (I'll spare you the long definitions by letting you review this information: ). Atrial Tachycardia triggered by standing up from a reclining position is very frequently associated with POTS. That's a call your doctor needs to make but I'd bet you this is a strong clue.

Of course, the strongest indicator was that you mentioned it happens more frequently when you're stressed, or that calming yourself slows it down. This is key. As I mentioned before, I have had symptoms similar to yours for decades. The instances of my "attacks" of rapid heart rate almost ALWAYS occur at times in my life when I am stressed out, not sleeping well, not eating well, etc. Also, certain kinds of medication can trigger attacks such as the common ingested antihistamine (sudafed and any other ephedrine-related products). The point is these things are triggers that you can control so that you don't have the attacks or so you diminish the fequency of their occurence.

As for the doctor suggesting another valve, they might also have been referring to a valve disorder in which the valve doesn't close completely (highly unlikely that you have more than the normal number of valves). This is called Mitral Valve Prolapse and it also has several symptoms similar to the ones you describe and it is also aggravated by the same sorts of things that aggravate Atrial Tachycardia and its underlying conditions.

It is important to note that both of these conditions are more often than not completely benign. You should not assume that you will die any time soon because of them. And you must allow yourself to relax and be rational about your symptoms. It's the first step to dealing with the problem and probably one of the most effective steps overall.

Finally, you are doing the right thing by going to the doctor. They will be able to address all your concerns and needs.

Good luck and God bless!


I am 18 years old Female. For about 3years my heart has occassionally started beating faster than it is suppose to. Sometimes I start to black out
and I am unable to see anything. (even with my eyes open) Almost fainting to the ground. Lots of times I have shortness of breath that can last over an hour. I told my doctor about these problems he said it could be stress. I always feel dizzy a lot 2.

1. What do you think it is?
2. How can I stop it?
3. What's causing the problem?


Syncope or dizzy spells or passing out spells can be worked up by doing a test called a Tilt Table Study. It's a fairly easy test, where you lay on a table and they raise you to almost a standing positon for about 40 mins or so(depending on the hospital). Your heart rate and blood pressure will be watched close to see if your heart has a tendency to go fast or slow or if your blood pressure drops. Some hospitals will put in an IV and start a drug called Isuprel to speed up your heart rate to watch if your heart can tolerate the increased rate. Other hospitals may use a spray of Nitroglycerin under your tongue to dilate your leg vessels and try to drop your blood pressure a little bit to see if your heart will beat stronger and faster to keep your blood pressure normal.

Most times, moving your legs a bit before standing will help with dizziness with standing. Also keep hydrated and you may need to add a little bit of salt to your diet. Talk to your doctor about it.


hi there my name is joe my heart used to beat normal
till i got sick with anxiety i get chest pain fast heart beat
i had many ekg's done stress test done and my doctor
say everthing look's good but i sitill feel like c**p
so may be you are suffering from anxiety ?
ask your doctor i hope this helps


hi im 15 almost 16 and recently have been feeling very wierd. it started a week ago when i flew from london to california...towards the end of the plane ride i felt numb, my mouth felt very wierd, nasuea and light headed. i got water and walked around a little. since then and up to this day im very sensitive to light, im always tired and dont wake up refreshed after a long nights sleep, aches, headaches, no appetite and my penis is very red and i have had no erections...i am very confused and dont know what it could be please give me your advice
-thank you


hello smith you and I are almost the same problem, since more than 5 years im facing this problem, i have a lot air gas in my stomach, always increasing my heartbeat.

Smith any news from you?

Pls... I need your reply...



I'm a 49 yr old white male, 6 ft., 200 lbs. and I am suddenly experiencing
the same situation after lying down, then getting up. I have been sick
recently with stomach virus-like symptoms and weakness that started
around December 21, 2006 and are dragging on to today, 01/22/07.

I don't smoke and I like to work out on the treadmill at the gym, but
I think I'm sick with some kind of virus-like symptoms. Not sure.

When I sit up, relaxed, my blood pressure is 118/76. Pulse is 75 bpm.
When I lay down my pulse is 80 bpm, blood pressure 140/80.
When I get up my pulse just shot up to 126 bpm, blood pressure 130/89.
After a while it settles down.

I had a stress test and an echocardiogram and passed 101%.
BUT, this was BEFORE I got the virus-like symptoms.

Something ain't right ... I wonder if I need more potassium in
my body... but my blood work all checks perfect. However, if
I take a bit of valium, it appears to cut these symptoms down
quite a bit. Bananas are supposed to have a lot of potassium
which regulates the heart in a BIG way.

God Bless.

Le Mesa, California


socalmama951 wrote:

anemia is not life threatning it just means you dont reproduce your white blood cells as quick as your supposed to.

Anemia occurs when blood does not have enough
red blood cells or when the blood does not have
enough hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the oxygen-
carrying pigment found in red blood cells.
Anemia can be life-threatening

God Bless

Le Mesa, California


he do u still se the white spot when u wake up in mornin and ur heart beats fast and u hav pains in body different parts on body pain and feel tightness in body if this is happenin then i think u r under some magic speel


This is to Joe K. Joe last Tuesday Jan. 23rd I was rushed to the emergency room, because when I got up, all of a sudden my blood pressure went up and I was so dizzy, I almost collasped. I thought I was having a stroke. After getting to the emergency room, they did an EKG, blood work and everything was fine. My blood pressure went over 200 when I got to the hospital. After laying down/half sitting, my blood pressure went back to normal. The diagnosis was Benign Positional Vestibular Vertigo. They tested this in the hospital by having me lay down, which I did not want to do, because I got very dizzy. The doctor had me look toward him on the right, nothing, on the left, the room just spinned and my blood pressure shot right up. Guess what they medicate you with for this??? VALIUM or in my case they gave me an antihistamine, same as for motion sickness. I would definitely see your doctor. I had a virus a couple of weeks ago, and the doctor informed me that I now had a middle ear infection, reason for the dizzy spells on rising. Gave me some antiboditic, strictly for inner ear problems and sinuses called Azirithomycin, taken orally and I feel great.

I wish you the best, but see your doctor.




Struggling greatly. Crashed my car a year ago and altho i left it seemingly unharmed a week or two later i started fainting, or feeling faint very often but without losing complete consciousness, sweating often, feeling fever like and sensing nausea. Heat often makes me faint, i seem to flush very easily + my heart starts to beat rapidly and altho i dont lose consciousness i do flop or fall often. I know when it is going to come on because my vision becomes strange, although i can still see relatively clearly, everything appears like misty rain, or mildly dotty and my eyes become really heavy as if i might fall asleep. I also find my hands and feet are stone cold when it happens and have at times experienced numbness, heaviness and pins and needles in them . It has changed from time to time, but at its worst i had these fainting and hyperventilating phases up to 5 times a day. I have also had one or two serious incidents where i am aware that i have 'fainted' (or at least flopped with my eyes shut) and have been fully aware of everything around me but unable to respond in any way atall. THAT WAS SCARY. I have been seeing a chiropractor for months now and hadnt fainted for almost two months, although i was very nauseated and exhausted in the time inbetween, and still found walking or standing to bring on my sypmtoms. I have been ill with this problem for a year now, and it varies from time to time, but walking or even some days standing for a few minutes is enough to make me feel faint and exhausted. I find also that everytime the fainting worsens i get ear pain mostly on my right side, usually accompanied by a cold, which again makes me worse because it gives me a high temperature, which make me extremely faint. I've also found that if im trying to stand up for a while and i start feeling faint that i get a bit confused, and cant seem to get all my words together. I also find i often get headrushes and severe dizziness on getting up or sometimes sitting down. I have been to private and general hospitals for various tests, all of which showed to be inconclusive, which is so disappointing because it has affected my life so greatly. Plus, im 20 now and have no money, grrr. I have done some scouring on the net and i think i might have cervical vertigo... does anyone have any thoughts on this or has anyone else had similar symptoms??



Hi sorry you are having trouble. I just wanted to let you know that a few years back I was also in an automobile accident with very disturbing bouts of vertigo, ear pain, etc. I started seeing a chiropractor who ended up making my symptoms much worse (to the point where I thought I was having a stroke). Did you know if you've been involved in a serious accident involving your neck or spine it is not good for them to be manipulated by a chiropractor? My family doctor highly discouraged continuing treatment with the chiropractor in my situation. You have arteries in your neck especially the vertebral artery(back of neck) that may become damaged by having your spine manipulated. I'm not trying to scare you or cause any undue anxiety here but just wanted to let you know this. The chiropractor who was treating me is no longer in business if that tells you anything. I hope you are well soon. I know how frustrating it is having to deal with your symptoms. Good luck.


I am aslo experienced with vertigo one day moring with a spinning my head and then contineous dizziness from last 3 weeks.

I went to the doctor last week, he just prescried me some medicine like anti viral effect but i am not toally okay yet. though my dizziness problems rate-low now.

My problem is If i lay down and also keep close my eyes then my heat is started beating. its not so fast or so slow. but the heart beating i understand that touch my head and feeling some dizziness.
I cant concentrate any works right now.
If i want to concentrate any works or if i want to read any article attentively that i feel dizzi.

Do u have any experience about that. how can i get rid from it.

Would you please share with me ur ideas and feelings

Please mail me- ******

Wishing ur sound health.
take care

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