hi Im 20 years old. I had sex around 14-20th february unproteced about 5 times. we used the withdrawal thing all the time but I know there is pre cum and everything. anyway the 22nd feb i started spotting with light blood at night, when i start my period i ALWAYS come on in the morning with horrible cramps, this time i had no cramps, it lasted 4 days but the first full day it was brown and old red? I just thought it was my usual period so thought nothing of it. since then I have been having every symptom to do with pregnancy. Im always tired like I get up at 1pm and im in bed by 4pm wanting a nap, i used to go to the gym but now I cant even be bothered to do that. Im quite constipated, feel very bloated though and im always hungry, gaining weight. i have horrible headaches and i always feel really sick at night in bed. i have slight heartburn, and wierd feelings in my stomach. i keep going dizzy every single time i stand up or stare at something. My period was due 22nd march but so far no signs of it coming at all, I cannot remember what date In January I had my period so I dont know if ive missed 2 months worth or did the february bleed become an implantation bleeding? Im so confused


someone please help, also I tested at night and I got a negative, is that because I dont have enough hormones at night?

Could i be pregnant?