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This is my first time writing to anyone, but some advice could be apreciative right now.

My last period was on the 19th of December and Im always on time. MY BF and i had unprotected sex and he didnt pull out (like normal) on the 28th of December(I was ovulating at that time) I am experiencing pregnancy symptoms (swollen breast, fatigue, eating alot, gassy) but I was reading that it could be PMS. I took a pregnancy test on the 12th of January but it came back negative. My period is suppose to come on the 16th of January, but i would like to know if my mind is playing tricks on me or am i pregnant?


Daer MsJ

If your period is due 16th Jan you probably ovulated on 2nd Jan although you would probably be fertile on 28th Dec. 12th Jan is possibly the day after implantation (if it happened) and is too early for a HPTest with certainty, so a negative result is unsurprising. A blood test would likely be accurate though.