Too keep it breif in 2006 i had a panic attack, which resulted really bad ocd but ive got rid of the ocd for quite a while. I had palpitations upon hard excersize and chest tightening, as in laying down feel likes elephant sittin on top.

I let go of the weed in '06 but contineud to smoke cigs up untill '14. I have no longer smoked since then but what happned after that i cant explain. I felt fine for the first week up until one day i started to shiver, became really intolerant of hot and cold, thumpin head and ever since then ive never really recovered.

It has got a quite bit better but i have a lot of symptoms that are persistent, and this is how it goes

I always feel like im breathin really deep but at ease like i wont look like iv done a mile run but wile slowly breathe as if i did. While i breathe as such my heart will beat really hard at times, really fast, standing up or sittin down will result in a palpitation thatl make me arch my back out, ches and pains in mucle, my neck and back aches really bad. Now this is what i dont get if i i do a short breathin sequence ie 10 little bursts of out breathes followed by a count of up to 2 sec inhale, doing that for the half a day will make everythin better, like most symptons would go away, BUT itl take as little as an hours worth of distraction for it all to start all over again, slowly feel chest tightning, heads starts to go dizzy. Im soo tired of it all, soooo tired. Does anyone have any idea what is happening to me.

Iv been to the docs theyv done an xray, ecg, echocardigram, blood test, thyroid test, lung capacity test, stool sample but theyv found nothin and say its just anxiety but i dont worry about nothin and im not anxious ?? Or is this just to do with me stoppin smokin, i kno a few who smoked same as me n stoppd n not as much as a sniffle happend to them. 

Any input is much appreciated.

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