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Okay so this story is a bit long and will cover several experiences. So this one day I bought some weed from a friend. he told me it was legal marijuana(now i smoke weed about 10-15 times before this experience). I think it was some of the synthetic weed, k2 or something like that.... So I smoke that and got really dizzy, my heart started racing, and I could feel my blood pumping through my vains and this honestly was the worst experience of my life. It felt like i was having heart attack or something.  My heart felt like it was going crazy. I waited awhile before I smoked and when i did nothing bad happened, I smoke some hash with my friends and felt amazing just like I use to. So I decided to buy an 8th since everything was okay. Figured it was just bad weed or something. The next time I smoked it happened again, so I was able to uncomfortably fall asleep. The next day I went to school feeling okay and in the middle of f*****g class it happened I tried to deal with it but it got really bad so i went to the nurse. Now like every school nurse shes f*****g useless so I have to ask her to take my pulse and blood pressure. She said my pulse was fine but my blood pressure was above normal (now I weigh 180 pounds ish so I didnt expect to have high blood pressure). But anyways that day I walked to my friends house after school and tried hanging out with him. But the pain and uncomfortableness was unbarable so i went to sleep. That continued through out the day. So this is when I figured the reaction was to my bi polar medication. So I stopped taking it. Recently I bought weed again and smoked a joint. I got high but felt really scared this would happen again. It did not, so I smoked with my buddys and it happened for about 10-15 minnutes (which was really short compared to my other times where it lasted all day). Then it wore off and had a great time. The next day I smoke half a joint and felt great again. I took a nap then went to my other buddys house. I took a hugeeeee hit and immediately it started again..... So I pretended to ignore it and was pretty much forced another hit from peer pressure. I went for a walk hoping to "walk it off" and it got reallly f*****g bad. I was sitting outside in 20 degree weather and feeling my heart racing pounding off my chest. It kinda feels like im not getting enough oxygen to my brain because everything is spinning and my reaction time is so damn bad. This lasted the rest of the night but its peak is about 1-1 1/2 hours. Im not going to smoke till i figure this sh*t out. I love smoking it makes me such a good person and has changed my in so many ways. I'm no drug addict or a bad person, I use this herb to benefit my life. And would like any help I could get figuring out what is going on when I smoke. Ive mentioned this to some other people/web sites. The web sites suggest a few things. For example panic attack, I dont understand why I would start having this all of a sudden? if it is them I think it could have been triggered from the synthetic sh*t. I somethimes wonder could this be form a really high blood pressure? Or maybe that synthetic sh*t damadged my lungs and since them they havent been pumping oxygen properly when i smoke. Am i smoking incorrectly? If it is panic attacks, I want to start meditating and preparing my mind for the herb, before i take it again (the chance is a good 90% chance ill try it again). So I ask what is going on?



Pot will, in fact, LOWER your blood pressure, but it raises your heart rate at the same time. The heart has to beat faster to try to maintain a proper BP. I've been smokin' the herb most of my life (now in my 60's) and for the past 20 years maybe, I have experienced the "panic attack" feeling on occasion. I get this intense "rush" in my head that is quite unpleasant and makes me anxious, like the feeling of a panic attack. Recently, I actually passed out after a really intense rush. This always occurs if the pot is very potent and I have too much, say more than one heavy toke.

I did a little experiment recently with my blood pressure monitor. I should also say that I do NOT have high BP, nor am I on any BP meds. I checked my BP before smoking, then had a few hits of some strong stuff. My BP dropped quite dramatically, lower than I ever see it. So I believe, in my case anyway, than an overdose of THC will drop my BP to the point where the brain is becoming starved of oxygen and this can bring out the panic feelings and certainly can cause a blackout, as the one I experienced recently.

Getting older probably means my body can less easily tolerate the effects of the pot.