I think I may had a Panic Attack due to Marijuana about 8 months ago. I came on very quickly. Hear racing, terrible headache, pounding in my head, hard to breathe. I made it asleep and woke up but didnt feel normal. The weed was fine, I had smoked it before and some people had smoke it after.

But over the past 8 months I have had a constant headache/ head tension. My neck muscles are tight. Vision is disturbed at times. My mind feels sharp but I have pain in the back of my neck and a shooting headache that wont go away. It has gotten better at times but never gone.

I have been to many doctors. Tried antidepressants, pain meds, message. But nothing fixes it. This may not even be related to marijuana. Some doctors feel it may be a case of ocippital nueralgia. It just seems like my neck muscles wont relax and the headache wont go away.

I have stopped smoking for 8 months. Doctors do not think it is from marijuana