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I just had a panic attack last night, about 30 min after smoking a lil canibus

my chest started hurting and i could feel pain slowly going up toward the top of my throut. 

Freaked me out  and my husband ran me to the er. but we are in a state where it is leagal to smoke marajana so i didnt get in any trouble but it was scary as hell to b 27 and think that u are going to die cause it felt like my throut was closing up. i just want to know why if i have smoked so much weed in my life a panic attack would start so many years later. anyone have this answer for me?


My guesses:

1) You smoked something stronger than usual, possibly sativa

2) There is something going on in your mind (stress, can be anything really) that surfaced/increased when you got high

take care, fearing it makes it worse