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hi guys am in kenya and am afraid i might be pregnant. I had periods one week ago and had sex two days after my period.could i be pregnant? coz am showing signs of pregnancy i havent gotten tested coz its too early a week has not ended

pliz help Kush


ok I would like to know what pregnancy signs you are showing. Why dont you take a pregnancy test now.



Please give some dates:
1. What date did your last period start?
2. What date did you have sex?
3. How long is your cycle (typically 28 days)?
4. What date do you expect your next period to start?
It takes time to get pregnant, and for it to conclusively show up in DIY tests.
I would not recommend you take a test before your next period has failed to arrive. If you don't know when that would be, test 21 days after last sex.