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Good eveningI am worried I have HIV. Three months ago I had sex Vaginally and Oral with a girl. At the end I realised the condom had broken. I will do the test soon, but at this stage I would like to share some symptoms and see if anyone can provide feedback...I cannot get a test done too easily right now for reasons I wont go into right now. I cant ask her as it was a one night stand and cant get in contact with her.Less than a week after, I felt some tenderness in my glands- underarm, neck and groin which lasted for 3/4 days. They werent swollen, just I could feel they were there. They werent tender to touch just felt more prominent than usual. I also lost a very little bit of weight almost overnight. Not a great deal, just a little. I had started a course of antibiotics a week earlier for something else, not sure if these would have had a reaction to my system.I have NOT experienced a Rash, a sore throat or any flu like symptons whatsoever but have experienced the following:After about 4 weeks I developed a dry cough which lasted about a month. I have always had coughs throughout my life which is a hereditory problem and put it down to a repeat of this.After 8 weeks I developed a slight lower back pain to one side, and muscular pain in my neck at the sides and at the front of my throat which has lasted 4 weeks. It feels muscular and has nothing to do with my glands and there are no swollen lymph nodes. Its not a specific area, but it covers most of my neck. My muscles sometimes ache easily aswell since 8 weeks, including legs, chest and upper back. Almost like when you exercise after a long time and that feeling you get the morning after.After 6 weeks I had a furry white tongue and a funny feeling at the back of my tongue, which the pharmacist told me was oral thrush and went within a few days of some specialist mouthwash.There have been a couple of evenings and afternoons where I have felt weak, but I drank some water, ate properly and felt ok again. I put this down to dehydration.I have also drunkenly slept with someone else after 7 weeks of the original exposure. She has experienced no symptoms of anything whatsoever and that was 8 weeks ago.Im worried sick at the moment, I will get a proper test soon but wanted some feedback at this stage. I have been worried for the entire three months, not sleeping and not thinking of anything but how stupid Ive been. I'm hoping some of the problems ive experienced have been down to stress and anxiety.Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Guest,

You indicate that you do not have any of the MOST COMMON and FIRST typical indicators of an HIV infection.  The lack of any SEVERE flu-like symptoms.

You can have sore glands for a number of reasons.  Any type of infection, which you indicate you were on antibiotics for, can cause this.

I'll discount the cough for now since you have a past history.

Thrush is COMMON after a course of antibiotics.  The antibiotics kill the "good" bacteria and upset the balance which can lead to thrush.

Muscle aches/weakness are general symptoms and could be related to prior illness.

The only way to know at this point is to test.

The usual protocol is:

Test at exposure, to rule out a prior infection

Test at 30 days.

Test at 60 days.  If this is NEGATIVE it is VERY unlikely that you are infected.  You are past this point with the first girl and almost at this point with the second.

Test at 90 days.  This confirms the prior tests.

To add, there are risks with any activity.  Consider WHO you are sleeping with before you have sex next time.  You aren't just sleeping with them but with all their PAST partners.  Limit your drinking if that leads to risky behavior. 

Properly used condoms are effective at reducing the risk.

Good luck.