My family and I were struck with food poisoning, suffering with both diarrhea and vomiting. The time it lasted, including recovery where my stomach felt back to normal was approximately two weeks. During the course of that time I drank mostly lucozade (as my stomach could not handle water) - I slowly added water, then burnt toast, a boiled egg and so on - as and when I felt I was getting better and to judge whether my stomach could handle it.

As joyous as I felt post food poisoning that my stool was back to normal, I soon found that passing stool or any kind (soft or hard) became painful. I apologise if this may seem graphic: I believe I might have an anal fissure (?) - there is no bleeding in my stool or on the toilet paper - all I'm experiencing at the moment is discomfort whilst sitting and pain when stool passes the opening. Oddly enough, when sat on a toilet there is not discomfort as there usually is when sitting elsewhere.

I know the best bet is to go and see my doctor,  but it's extremely embarrassing and I suffer with anxiety - going to the doctors about something minor in comparison to this flares up my anxiety really badly. I was just hoping to possibly find someone who's experienced something similar and if they could give any suggestions? I've read that it mostly clears up by itself in a couple of weeks, but am considering to get topical creams.