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On 18 December, 2017, I was passing through a brothel of my near by city. An then a man from brothel asked me ' Are you want to go inside?' So out of curiosity I go inside and I told them I won't sex, I just came to see, please let me go but they force me that I cannot go without having sex. At the time a prostitute came and out of the heat of time sexual urge I agree. I was aware about Aids so I asked for a condom, and I had sex with that girl but I ejaculated in just 30 second as it was my first time. Yes It was a protected sex and my condom was okay. I remove the condom carefully and throw it into the toilet but the mistake I did I didn't wash my penis after removing the condom and didn't even use the tissue to dry my penis instead I wore the underwear. The reason of this mistake was for there toilet was not clean and there were no tissue also. I came back home and it took me 1 hour to back in home and then I took shower and wash completely.  But after 7 days I stared to face 'worst flu like-symptom ever I faced in my life.  fever, severe cough, runny nose, sore on my lips, severe itching in my upper back pain, neck pain. skin rash, fatigue. At first I calm myself by telling that it is may be 'seasonal influenza'. But I never felt such horrible symptom in my life before. Its lasting for 10 days.  But I'm still feeling mild fever, cough and severe skin rash on my armpit and pain itching on upper back muscle. My fear is as I didn't wash my penis and as it was wet and filled with semen. And at that time scrotum touched penis as it was under underwear. So if there were vaginal fluid on scrotum that may touch my penis as well as semen.   So that's way I may infect myself. Please help me my life is at the edge of death.  I'm 27 years old and grow up in conservative family, I'll be graduate within 4 month. I was healthy as i do regular gym four last 10 years but that one mistake changed everything. I'm vary much scared, I live in society that I won't be able to live with that what i'm fear of.   



Hi Hoping,

It may just be a coincidence that you got the flu.

Testing for HIV involves 4 tests as it takes several weeks for the tests to be able to detect HIV.  The first, NOW, will establish whether or not you'd already been exposed PRIOR to December.

You will also need to be tested again at 30 days and 60 days.  If the 60 day test comes out negative then you very likely do not have HIV.  Testing at 90 days will confirm this.

Early treatment MAKES a big difference in treatment.

Get tested today.  Please.  Good luck.