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I have had two encounters that have me worried. The first was 3-4 months ago. I had unprotected oral sex given to me by a woman I barely even knew. Shortly after, I developed a cough, sore throat, and fever and experienced flu like symptoms which lasted about a week. After the flu like symptoms subsided, the cough remained and I have experienced night sweats, bad breath, headaches, and an overall not well feeling. I went to the clinic about the cough, headaches and overall not feeling well and was told that I have high blood pressure. Doctor gave me blood pressure medication and antibiotics for the cough. After taking the prescriptions, the cough still remains but the headaches did go away. Still have bad breath, night sweats here and there, the cough remained and I had bouts a diarrhea here and there.

The second encounter was 2-3 weeks ago with another women of which I was given oral sex and also had vaginal sex with but this time I used a condom in both acts. The problem was that when the woman was on top of me grinding my groin area, I noticed that she had lesions on her legs. At that point I told her to stop. When she got off of me I noticed that her vaginal secretions were touching areas of my skin where the condom did not protect like the shaft near the testicles was covered with vaginal discharge. I asked her to remove the condom so she did with her hand. I asked her if she was HIV positive and she said no and that she always uses protection. I think she was lying. After this encounter, I experienced the following symptoms: fatigue, diarrhea, nausea, headaches, not well feeling, cold sweats, memory loss, confusion, itching, itchy throat, burnings eyes(sinus problems), and neck pain.

I wasn't worried about the first encounter very much until I learned that you can get HIV by receiving oral sex. I didn't think it at first because I heard you couldn't contract it through kissing so I figured the same was true for oral sex. I was wrong, obviously. The second encounter has me the most worried even though I used protection because of the way I'm feeling, even up to this date. My question is, what is your professional opinion concerning the risk factor and exposure explained combined with the bodily reactions I have experienced which directly followed these events? Remember I still have the cough from the first encounter. By the way, I was given a full fledge comprehensive STD evaluation before these encounters of which my results were negative across the board. Oh yah, one more thing, I went to the emergency room right before the second encounter for spraining my ankle and was told that my white blood cell count was high.


Hi! I am not a doctor but I do know something about the HIV risks. HIV can be spread by oral sex but the incidence is very low, much lower than with the vaginal sex.

Secondly, you had condom during your second encounter so yours and her secretions didn't come in contact. YOu could have contracted another STD (from the lesions she had) even if you did have a condom on because some of the STD's are transmitted in skin to skin contact.

Ok, your symptoms are weird and prolonged but it could be anything.

For the piece of your mind you better test. The sooner you realize what it is the better. The fact that you got tested before these encounters doesn't matter, you should test again.


Hello to everyone reading this,

Firstly let me start by saying that if you are worried you have HIV I know how horrible you are feeling right now and believe me searching the web for symptoms will only make you feel worse! So the best thing you can do is stop searching the internet and go get tested! there is nothing to be affraid of in seeing your local sexual health clinic, in fact talking to someone at mine helpped ease my mind (if only slightly!).

So now let me start with my story, prehaps not interesting but I feel like sharing it.

I have been in a serious relationship with a girl for a long time and we had never had protected sex, I was very stupidly visiting another person during this time and also having unprotected sex (I'm talking once every couple of months) then one day I noticed a sore on the base of my penis...I immediatly thought herpes so I searched the web...which somehoe linked me to HIV and I started researching HIV symptoms....

You guessed it, I suddenly had a sore throat, no appetite, sore stomach, thick white build up on my tongue...that was it for me I thought i was HIV+ and I had infected my gf...I cant explain the pain I felt...not opnly for myself but how STUPID I had been and how I could have possibly infected the most beautiful, innocent girl in the world...I was close to suiceide when I went and got tested...waiting for the results was pure agony! I spent the next few days crying, feeling very nausea's and like I was going to die...running every possible negative outcome though my mind...

then I got a phone call from the clinic...and I was fine. I instantly lost most of the 'symptoms' I was feeling (apart from sore stomach that is still with me 2 weeks later).

Needless to say I leart alot from it, partically how much I love my gf and I will never do anything stupid like I had again.

ANyone, I think about other poor people going through this thinking they are infected and I hope you are ok. But remember if you are + as horrible as it is you can live with it, Michael Jordan has a very good life and he is +. Just please try to keep your head.


Hey. Of course you could be infected, but nobody on a website can tell you that... HIV has the same symptoms as a lot of other viral illnesses. The only way to be sure is to get yourself checked out.


Michael Jordan is not hiv positive. Magic Johnson is.

But besides that if you think you've been exposed get tested. If your sexually active you should be getting tested anyways.


I like how this jumped 2 years!

Anyway I am at this point in my life where I feel I might have made my biggest mistake ever. I am pissing myself with worry.

It started as what I thought was a UTI. Buring sensation before and after urinating pressure in the bladder area. The only sympton that is scaring the sh*t out of me is that I have a buring/itching sensation on my skin.

Initially thinking it was a UTI i went and bought some vitamin C and some cranberry juice. I drank the whole thing and took 3 vitamin c. Started to feel odd the next day and got a fever and developed the skin condition.

Those are really the only two I got and like you said i started researching and HIV pops up. I hope I dont.


Sometimes searching and searching for medical information on the internet can DRIVE YOU NUTS. Don't get me wrong, it is a powerful tool and i'm sure has answered many questions, including mine.
But..before you know it, you have every single symptom going, even if you don't.
I searched around one time to try to figure out why my tail bone was so thick at the base, just where my but crack starts.
Well, by the time i got done, i thought i was dying with cancer.
I did the right thing and went to my Doctor to find out that the problem was a calcium buildup back there.
I could have surgery if i wanted but it's not a big deal.
So, if your that worried about stuff, make an appointment with your Doctor.


Bless everyone's heart for Replying and Reading this forum... You can really feel the love and understanding


Hi to all

I will start to ask sorry for my bad English, because is not my mother language.

In this moment of my life, I'm 30 years old, and I'm going throught a very difficult moment...
I'm living with a girl for arround one year, and several months ago we start to make sex without condom.
Because she alway look healthy, before me she told me that always had make saffe sex and she have done the HIV test in 2006 and was negative, we didn't test ourselfs; I just trust on her.
two weeks ago I had experience some liquid camming out of my penis. I went to the internet looking for the simptoms and it was chlamidia. I went strait away to the doctor with my girlfriend to make all analyses.
Two days ago, we receive the news...
I was with chlamidia, and was HIV negative.
She was with chlamidia, but she was HIV positive...
I'm in shock... I've now the feeling of dutty to help her, I'm living in scare that my tests 3 months from now will give HIV positive.
Now I really understand the words: "I've been so stuppid".
This is not an answer to the first post, and as I whish to myself, you will not be HIV positive. This is just an advert to everybody that read this post and have the same confidence in our feelings, as I had with my girlfriend.
Maybe I will not be HIV positive, but I've learn my lesson.

Best Regards


I have a concern and would just like opinions.

On new year this year I was intimate with a friend of mines I had not seen in years. We had oral sex. Two days later I felt nausous, and weak. About a month later my stomach would growl all day and night. No Diarehea just a grwoling stomach. Than later in February I started feeling uncomfortable (something like a burning sensation throughout my body). I went to the doctor in April and they found nothing. I thought it was just stress so it would go away. By May everynow and then I would have cold chills during the day and my stomach would still growl all day and night. I told my doctor and he said wait a few more weeks. I decided to wait til July. When July hit, I still would experience stomach turns, and this periodic chills. The doctor took another blood sample and called a few days later and said everything came back fine. I told myself well this would be 7 months after I sex with my friend so I must not be HIV positive. Now it is the end of September and I am still having a growling stomach, still have chills periodically, and just two days ago have this constant cough. I don't think it is a dry cough because cold comes up everytime I cough.

My question is should I still be worried that I may have HIV?


you are right it can drive you nuts and make your diagnosis wrong,

but I have had instances where the internet research I did was dead

on. Not everyone can get into the doctor the exact second they want to,

so I don't think it hurts to research online in the mean time.


That is why i said i have used the internet several times and have found many answers to many questions. I am just saying that many people rely on the internet to base their illness on. They use the remedies that are suggested after searching out their symptoms. My dad was having severe chest pains, he looked around on line and thought that he was just suffering from bad indigestion, he had a heart attack that nite. I am not saying he was smart, actually i can say he was rather dumb for going on line to see why he wasn't feeling well. And you are right when you say that many people can not get to a dr. i get that, but something as life threatening as this needs a drs. attention.



For anyone that has had similar symtpoms to the original psoter please note, you may have caught a respiratory virus from someone (transmitted very easily from person to person through saliva). These viruses include Coxsackie virus and Epstein-Barr virus. Both can stay in the body permanently, both can cause long term symptoms, and both can lead to the affliction of chronic fatigue syndrome if you are unlucky, as I was.

Google "Chronic Sore Throat / Mood Virus" for my story


When i was staying at Hotel i did my first mistake in my life. I was drunken,Otherwise i would have not done this. Though i have good self control i lost control when a lady approached me for massage at this hotel. I thought only massage and allowed her to do for Euro 50. While course of massage she triggered my sexual mood and I had sex with her. The problem is that when she removing the condom it fell down on my penis and in her same hand she cleaned my personnel area. After everything, i fell down in deep depression thinking that i am going to get HIV. After three days of this insistent i am feeling muscle ache, vomiting and joint pain.
I really learned enough lesson. My advise for the reader is that don't engage with illegal sex while you are drunken even though you know safe sex and learn how to use condom effectively to avoid HIV transmission through sexual intercourse.

All my dream going to end!!!!! Now i am planning to terminate my life since i am going through hard time in my life.

please leave me your suggestion.


I have never done anything like this before - posting onto a forum. Especially about this. However, having gone through this recently I really want to share it with someone as it's been a very private, difficult battle alone and this is me letting go! (how thankful I am for the chance to do so is immeasurable, I can't begin to explain that...)

Having said that - let's give it a shot. I am so thankful for the chance to live my life again WITHOUT HIV that it makes me love every single second of my life right now...I relish in every moment, sometimes to the point I want to weep with happiness at the smallest, most insignificant things.

I have the most incredible husband who has been faithful, loyal, honest, dedicated, genuine, loving and true to me for many years years now - we're in our late twenties.

Last year I screwed up and slept with a married man - three times. I don't know what I was thinking and I don't know why I didn't even consider it then. I can't explain why it happened but it did, I have paid the consequences in the rattling of my sanity. I think the reaction was trauma related as I kind of lost control of my life after a string of unfortunate events.

I didn't play my husband - I thought I fell in love with his opposite. This person nearly ruined my life and thankfully I came around and found my sense of logic and sense once again. In that time I realised he was with a lot of women, it wasn't just me. I found him to be so f*****g depraved and disgusting that I wouldn't have been surprised if he regularly paid for sex or at least had in the past. My mind began to convince itself that he was most certainly unclean.

On top of this, I smoked weed on a regular basis so the paranoia became unbearable and I guess the point is that the guilt manifested in that I was obsessed with having HIV, having infected my incredible and most loyal, amazing and stable husband - I wanted to die. I was thinking about how I would deal with it - would I tell anyone? I decided the plan was that I would tell my mother I needed to fake my death and that she was the only reason I wasn't going to kill myself. I would run away and hide in some far corner of the world and wait for my mom to pass so I could finally kill myself and really run away from what I'd done.

The funny thing is...after about three months of obsession, I had a rapid HIV test done in a chemist, had to sit there for 5 minutes with a nurse and so broke down and told her everything. The test was negative, and yet I spent a further 10 months obsessing. The feeling of this is so incredible you can't begin to explain it unless you've actually been there.

During the 10 month stint, I went for a proper blood test. The nurse knew how desperate I was to know and I kept phoning her - eventually she said it was negative, but somehow convinced myself afterwards that she was only telling me that because she really assumed I was NOT the kind of person to be positive (this relates to the stigma, not my opinion - however, there is a truth to it - I am not meant to have worried about this in my lifetime...this is not part of what the plan was) - also I thought she was just trying to get me to back off. Isn't it amazing what a paranoid and obsessed mind can do to a person?

Anyway, I definitely convinced myself of the symptoms of HIV infection. The day I remembered I DID in fact have very bad flu symptoms about three weeks after the second time I nearly screwed my life up. I don't need to go into it - if you're reading this post you know exactly what I mean.

This has all taught me the incredible power of your mind and I am grateful to be intelligent enough to have the sense to turn it around to my benefit now that I have had a third negative blood result. I can let it go and move on with my life, using the experience of mind power to create the dreams my husband and I have spoken about and will one day experience. I have forgiven myself.

The point of this whole thing is that you are doing more damage to yourself by not just going to get tested (repeatedly if you need to). I know that it's the hardest thing in the world to do - god, the waiting was undeniably the most difficult thing I've ever done. However, the results are worth it - the feeling you have when you are negative and the new, positive approach you have to a life you thought you lost is amazing - it's not worth going through this excrutiating online crusade to try and diagnose yourself or ask doctors or other people online. People study for very many years to diagnose you, and you need to have a blood test for a reason to know if you're HIV positive. Your physical afflictions are not proof of HIV infection, they're either the effect of something else wrong or your mind convincing you of something that is not true.

Get tested and live your life - the mind games we play with ourselves sometimes are brutal. Honestly it's not worth it - use the results to show you how very short life can be, and how very important the people around you are. The other thing is to accept and realise the mental and emotional conditions which occur seemingly "around" the problem, but are inherent and have been there in waiting for ages. Deal with the emotional and psychological aspect of what is causing you to continue to punish yourself by not being tested and letting it go.

This post wasn't really for anyone but me - I am letting it go now, thanks for reading if anyone did :-)