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I am 22 and I married some ten months ago, and both my hubby and me were virgin on our wedding night. The fact is that it was very difficult for him to get inside me and i got hurt each time. Since then, i do not feel any pleasure whenever we have sex even if he takes an hour for preleminaries. But i do have pleasure when i masturbate. That's very disturbing. Am i frigid??? Please help me.


NO! You are not "Frigid" what you have is called Vaginismus! This is a VERY common problem for women who have had pain or apprehension about sex! The brain is your biggest sex organ, and IF you are worried about pain, your brain will come to your aid and SHUT DOWN the pleasure board for that area! This also happens, with women who had tearing at birth, infections, dryness, menopause tc.

What I would like you to do is go see a gynecologist and ask to see a Vaginal Physiotherapist - these are wONDERFUL gentle women who GET why you are physically in pain! I have suffered for 17 years - due to a VERY large baby - for years it was physcially impossible for my husband to have sex with me, and eventually I couldn't care less if it bothered him or not! It's just a defence mechanism! The Vaginal Physotherapist, will probably offer you Vaginal Dialators - they are phallic shaped wax inserts, from VERY small to a regular sized penis! You go in stages just breathing through and learning to relax! They are WONDERFUL - NOT sexual at all - they get your brain into knowing that it is NOT painful - thus not shutting down!

Don't despair and don't be embarressed OK? This IS curable! And soon you will be able to just relax! Hope this helps! Good luck honey!