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While cosmetic surgeons are minting money, playing on insecurities that certain women face, the women are getting duped in the name of getting a designer vagina. But has anyone bothered to explain the pitfalls of the surgeries for reshaping private parts?

Its boom time for female genital cosmetic surgery! While insecure women are queuing up outside the clinics of gynecologists and reconstructive surgeons to get their private parts reshaped, the latter are laughing all the way up to their banks. There is a lot of money in this business and no medical parameters to measure if a surgery is successful.

Are you paranoid to look perfect?

In this age, women are getting paranoid to look perfect. Influenced by the bodies of super models and porn stars, swayed by internet pornography and lured by the advertisements for such surgeries, women are ready to shell any amount of money to get that perfect body. Most of them do not deem it necessary to get their partners’ opinion about their body. Narcissism is driving them to undertake procedures which may be deleterious for their health. Though the surgery may give them better looking genitals, there is hardly any evidence that it may improve sexual function.

This whole trend of cosmetic surgeries started in 1990s. Before that, corrective gynecological surgery was offered to patients suffering from incontinence or sagging of the vagina following childbirth. In the 1990s, the practice of cosmetic surgeries, like nose jobs and face lifts, began, to improve the aesthetics and boost the self-confidence of the clients. As the popularity of such operations grew, the surgeons began offering more and more procedures in the name of bolstering the self-esteem of the patients. Now, people can pick and choose whichever cosmetic surgery they would like to undergo.

Alarming number of women going for surgeries to reshape their private parts

Alarmed by the increasing number women going for surgeries to reshape their private parts, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) issued a notice to its member physicians in 2007. The notice questions the medical validity of such procedures and the safety issues attached to them. According to ACOG, women are being misled to opt for these surgeries despite the fact that the effectiveness of none of these procedures is proven. Moreover, there are several side effects of these operations like infections, scarring and pain. Many women opt for these procedures in the hope that these will enhance their sexual pleasure. But the procedures can lead to the cutting of certain nerves which innervate the private parts, leading to loss of sensations in the vagina and clitoris. Thus, the very purpose of the operation stands defeated.

Moreover, these cosmetic reconstructive operations do not come cheap. In the U.S., they may cost anything between $2,500 and $12,000. And to make matters worse, they are not even covered by insurance. In the U.K., such surgeries cost more than £3,000. Most of these surgeries are done in the private sector where the conditions are totally unregulated.

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