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Hi guys i am new here. I have been having some very annoying symptons lately which i have no idea what it may be. These symptons occur if i get up to quickly or move around in a fast manner. 

  • Blurred Visions for 5-10 seconds then comes back
  • If i stand up what ever this is completly kills my balance and i have to grab on to something to prevent me falling on my ass
  • My face turns red in the same sequence
  • Sometimes my heart starts racing
  • If i am sitting down and i move quickly i lose control of my left arm for a few seconds and it starts hitting sh*t randomly until i gain control of it. Right arm is fine i have compleat control over it. 
  • I see Auras on a Constant basis. Whether i expeience these symptons or not. Most common colors i see are Blue and yellow. Other colors i see are Red,orange, and White.  I see them on people,objects, and animals. I don't "taste" the colors or anything like just see them. I could be talking to two people one would have a bright blue color surrounding them while the other has nothing. 
  • Sometimes i feel  "energy" in my hands and i can feel the blood moving around in my body.

My doctor has told me that i might be super sensitive to the floo of blood in my body and that i might have low blood pressure what do you guys think?

Edit: Sorry guys wrong section if someone can move this topic to the correct section it would be great. I just signed up and the forum topic said it was general discussion not womens menstral cycle. 


Hello SteGra,

Many of the symptoms you are describing sound like you have blood pressure problems so I agree with your doctor.  When you get up quickly and move around quickly this may cause pooling of blood to your feet.  This doesn't give your brain enough blood and so it gets less oxygen.  Less oxygen means the brain can't function properly.  The brain requires more oxygen than any other organ except for skeletal muscle.  For a minute there I thought you were going to tell me you are a synesthete but you are not.  Your blood pressure may be low and that may be why you're having all of these symptoms.  For now, try not to get up quickly.  Take your time and don't move around to quickly.  It is possible you could pass out and fall and really hurt yourself.  If and when you go to the pharmacy, check your blood pressure as often as you can and keep a record of it.  Drug stores have equipment you can use for free to do this.  That way you will know how low your blood pressure is.  If it is really low, you doctor may be able to give you something to bring it up.