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I'm a 40 yr old female with high blood pressure, bipolar, severe depression and severe anxiety which is managed. About a week ago I started getting dizzy whenever I would get up or move around. Then more frequently I started to get light headed, dizzy and I would get this great tension from the back of my neck to my legs for about 60 seconds, then it feels like my muscles turn to jelly and I can't function. Headaches come and go. I have an overall feeling that something isn't right. I feel as if something just isn't right with me. Any and all help is appreciated


Hello RhoNic,

When you get up and move around, you blood is going to pool to your extemeties particularly your feet.  This can lower your blood pressure enough that your brain doesn't get enough blood and hence not enough oxygen.  This can make you feel dizzy and faint.  I suggest that when you get up, you get up slowly and allow your blood pressure to equalize and see if that doesn't make a difference.  Whether you have high or low blood pressure, this should make a difference.  If this continues, it's best that you see your doctor and get a complete physical exam.