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I have a problem.

I have been having safe sex with my long term boyfriend for about a year now.

But the past 6 months we've decided to increase foreplay with penetration without a condom.

The thing is, now im afraid im pregnant.

On June 2, I had a normal period. Normal for me is getting clots with a heavy period for 5 days. Blood red, light to heavy to light.

Then in June, my life changed.
I had finals which killed me - there were days on end where I didnt sleep.
I discovered my father was cheating on my mother and then went and told my mother causing them to split up - I never slept then.

I cried for ages on end. Then on June 30, I got a 3 day period which was heavy, but just for 3 days.

Here my 28 day cycle was still working.
Let me note that I was also taking reductil, the weight loss pill, and I then stopped it, also in June.

Then the Middle East conflict came through and since I live here - I was affected. Bombs kept me up all night, I was scared senseless.

The stress I've been under the past 2 months has been crazy, is it enough to change my hormones?

Then on July 21 something strange happened - I got my period. Up til July 21, I was afraid that I was pregnant.

But then I got my regular 5 day period, but 6 days earlier.
I usually get clots as well, which I also got in that period.

But now, it's August 15, and my boobs have been hurting for a week now. hurting like HELLLLLLLLLL.
I heard hormone changes can do that.
No sex since that scare.

Can I be pregnant considering my last period was blood red, clots, and usual liek the rest of my periods, but the just different thing was that it was 6 days early?

Could the stress of my life be ruining my period?

PS- Also this month I was stressed, because my parents are now undergoing divorce :-(

Am i pregnant?

Please help me :-(

ps- I've never ever been under so much stress in my life. Ive turned into an insomniac since june :-(


Hi there,

You are very correct in the thought process that stress can affect a period/cycle. It honestly sounds like you are not pregnant however, taking a test might just alleviate "a stress" for you.
Considering what you have gone through and are still going through emotions, hormones and all else can and will fluctutate. It is my hope that you have someone to support you through all of these situations as many burdens are lessened if shared.
Breast tenderness can be a symptom of an upcoming period, pregnancy and can also be affected by stress, as most other parts of our bodies can. Like I said above the liklihood of you being pregnant is not very likely at all. God Bless. Please stay in contact if you need any further help.

Angela M. MSW