I have thoracic dystrophy and have had 5 major surgeries this year , including the ravich and the nuss . I woke up after my big surgery in April 2016 with a epidural , pain pump , 50 fentanyl and IV dilaudid . 


Long long story short, I went from 120 lbs to 105( some of this was simply from surgery and the pain ) but the exhaustion was out of control , no appetite , severe anxiety and depression. When i finally realized it was the fentanyl I begged to start weening . I cannot explain in words how incredibly hard it was to get off . The withdrawals are like nothing I have ever experienced. The withdrawals lasted 8 weeks and at one point I was almost hospitalized. I was freezing cold for weeks ( in July ) and just wanted to die. My anxiety is still really difficult but I finally have life back . The fentanyl saved me in the beginning but if I had known what it would do to me down the road I would rather have felt like my fingers were getting cut off. 

I have found a lot of relief through building back my addrenals . Huge huge life saver. I have found many holistic herbs and vitamins to help soothe my nervous system and rebuild . If anyone needs any help let me know! Good luck!