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I had hemorrhoid surgery 5 months ago and I was told by my gastro and surgeon that recovery would take 2 weeks.  Yeah right. I had extensive internal and external hemorrhoids removed and the initial recovery was just as horrible as many have described.  I prefer natural child birth because you know the pain is going to end and you get a baby at the end.  I was still bleeding and having spasms  at two months. I wasn't bleeding everyday but it was frustrating to see blood and wonder when I was going to be normal again.    Also it took me 3 tries to have a complete BM.  I would go once, didn't feel like I was "empty" but nothing else would come out.  Then an hour later I would go again and then sometime later the last bit would come out. By the time I was done, I would then be in pain for at least another 6 hours. The sitz bath was definitely my friend!  When I went for my post surgery checkup I found out that I had a fissure and could be facing surgery for that if it didn't heal.  I also later found out that I had developed  stricture and would require an anoplasty to correct this problem.  I cried on the way home from the doctor.  No way was I getting more surgery and I started searching for alternative treatments.  For the first 2.5 months after the surgery I was using the sitz bath all the time which gave me great relief, but at the suggestion of a friend I got  a hand held shower nozzle and that really helped with my swollen skin tags that were also causing pain. After the surgery I was doing everything the doctors told me to do,  lots of fiber and water etc.  I began to feel that the Metamucil was making my poop too large and might be why I ended up with the fissure.  Searching the internet for anything that could help with my recovery, I found several websites that helped.   I purchased the colorectal recovery program on the website.  The vitamin/probiotic packs have helped to keep my stool soft without making them huge.  I also purchased DMSO aloe cream to put on my swollen anus which really gave me relief!  I then found non surgical treatments for my fissure, stricture and inflammation as well as massages for my pelvic floor muscles and nano-particle Magnesium  that eventually stopped the spasms I was having.  am now five months out from my surgery and sooo much better.  I can't say I am 100% yet because I am still in the middle of the stricture heal  protocol but there has been a huge improvement.  Thank God!  I hope this helps someone.

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It's been one year now! Have you been healed 100%? How long it took? Did you really had stenosis? What happened then?