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I just had surgery June 27 and I'm in pain. My story started out with what was thought to be tennis elbow but soon after my fingers and wrist had total numbness. This went on for months unt finally I begged for surgery. Well I'm 4 days post op and I still have arm pain and numbness in 1 finger now. I was told it will take time but you have to stay up on the pain meds every couple of hours. I have severe neck pain of course from the surgery but I'm very hopeful that it gets better. I can't bend forward or backwards because that hurts like c**p but prayerful it will get better in a few months. 


Hope you have totally healed. I had posterior surgery in Dec. 2016. No hep from the surgery. My left and right first three digits are still numb and burning. The same pain is in my bicep muscles on both arms and both forearms. Would love to hear a success story from someone.