If this discharge smelt bad often and was a different color, I would go to the doc asap. But these symptoms are confusing me.Ever since i was in the 5th grade ive been having discharge. figuring my period was about to start for the first time, I ignored it(still a virgin at this time). But my period didnt start until 2 and a half years later. I lost my virginity a few weeks before my cycle came. 3 months later i found out i had an std called PID from my first time. Me and my partner were both treated for it but i still had discharge. on and off my discharge would change conditions. there were times where it was thick then thin. no odor. then a light odor. never anything fishy really. and sometimes it would be yellowish or redish(i figured that was my period) so its been 10 months and its just been white. no smell. thick and sometimes thin. honestly it jus looks like come to me. I thought it might be BV but im no gyno. I'm going to the doctor soon but i still want some kinda information before i go. please help. ANY questions jus ask.