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Hi I'm 17years Old I am sexually active but for the last 2 years I haven't did anything sexually with anyone but I noticed 6 months ago My vagina was Very Itchy inside and out and swollen,and red and It had a white clumps discharge for about 2months so I brought some cream for it it stopped Ittching but I still had discharged it looked like Spoiled milk cottage cheese that was In January and February in March The Discharge got worse and it Increased and Became Moist and Wet all the time and had a Foul Odor Like Fishy smell and Sometimes it's White sometimes yellowish and it gets on my panties and dry up to be either. White or yellowish could I have something?I'm young and I don't know anything about my vagina and I'm Kind of Paranoid.. Is this Normal? And for the last 6 months it's got Worse at night it itches the most and it Itches it's red swollen and Sometimes the inside is very dry and it sometimes splits on some parts of my vagina and those splits burn a Little And it's had for me to sit still because it itches really badly I'm not sure if it's an Over growth fro. a Year inflection BV or If it's Litchen or if it's an Infection but my clitoral itches sometimes and swells and It has discharge from their top and Sometimes the Discharge is lumpy and dry or wet sometimes and Liquid I have Severe Back Pain lower back pain and pelvic pain, and stomach Cramps sometimes. And headaches and all that stuff I'm scared Please If anyone has any Advice or help


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Hi anonymous. By what you describe it sounds like you started out with a yeast infection when you had the cream you treated the itch with that probably cleared the external infection but never worked on the internal. By what you describe now with the fishy odour sounds like it could be BV so I would advise you go get checked out at your doctor and bet some stronger medication to clear it up :-)